Seattle – Ramallah



I can’t really find my way through this one, it sure is a wild ride.  Jani/Jussi‘s “Pleasure Boy” album conducts noisy synthpop, a punk attitude and massive sex appeal in various constructs. I chose to showcase the mischievous “Tabs” track that managed to surprise me and smear a smile on my face.

“Pleasure Boy” is to be released May 2nd on cassette via  Skrot up. (split release with Loglady Records)



Collapse by

Ramallah, Palestine

I hate using superlatives so I won’t but you ought to know that this video art deserves some. Collapse in the artists words: “brings together imaginary and actual moments of resistance and loss, an act of excavation that illuminates the deep disruptions that have shaped not only Palestinian lived experience and memory but shared histories of struggle. A literal and poetic displacement resonates throughout the work, in part a meditation on a contemporary Palestinian landscape ruptured by a breakdown of community, memory and narrative. The feeling of continual suspension and relapse, progress and deadly repetition is played out exploring the overlap between personal trajectories and multiple historical narratives. It is in the ambiguities between absence and presence, nostalgia and an altogether frustrating sense of deja-vu, that the installation explores an anxious and obsessive state of being, trapped in the transition between past, present, reality and fiction.


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