Bona Dish

Hertfordshire, UK

Hailing from Hertfordshire (where Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice is primarily set) the Bona Dish dashing foursome stirred some and concocted two amazing cassettes back in the fabled years (for music at least) of 1981 and 1982. The cassettes were originally released on the Essex-based In Phaze Records. Years gone by and this timeless cheeky treasure got kinda forgotten and lost only to be picked up by Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks who were clever enough to compile and master the whole Bona Dish recorded repertoire and release it on vinyl and CD as The Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982. Not surprisingly the Bona Dish release is sounding relevant and at home in the contemporary DIY music scene . I’m gonna dodge describing their sound musically (punk, post punk…really good music has no genre) although I have to assert that their music sounds sincere, and steers away from pathos.

You can Stream all the reissued tracks on Captured Tracks’ Soundcloud. And you can buy  the LP/CD in here.




San Jose

It’s about time I’ve posted about this force of nature called ANTWON. Supplied with a bass and a zero-fucks-given attitude he’s been ruling for a while now. The following impressive vids, directed by Brandon Tauszik, might give you a visualization of the special case we’re dealing with, I should hope.

Still Guarded (Produced by Cities Aviv) is of the  In Dark Denim mixtape that dropped in March 7th. Get it here.


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