Magic Eye: “Japan”


artworks-000066170963-itl8gd-t500x500  This snowy morning’s blues has been swept away by the new fuzzy, warm sounds of Magic Eye. The Scottish trio of Alex (guitar/programming), Bek (guitar/vocals), and Roma (vocals), are back with a new EP, titled Babylon, featuring entrancing, Luscious sounds capable of making you feel longing to places you’ve never been to before. The “Japan” track, which originally appeared in 2013’s Shreddin’ On Heaven’s Door cassette, has been revisited in Babylon, and given a fuller three-dimensional treatment. The track befittingly threw me back to new-wave Japanese cinema, so I visualized my music experience by muting a video clip from “Woman of the Lake” and playing Magic Eye’s track, suggest you try it too!

The Babylon EP is out tomorrow on Not Not Fun, and you can get it through the following: iTunes  Boomkat and here.


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