Conan Roberts

Graffiti Island, Italian Beach Babes.

Conan Roberts

Italian Beach Babes is a record label based in London, run out of a bedroom with the aim or releasing music I love to a wider audience and distributing it. I also run a small distro of  like-minded labels and bands from around the world.

I’ve released a cassette of Graffiti Island/ Male Bonding/ Pens, a GG Allin tribute 7″,  a Male Bonding/ Fair Ohs live cassette, Compilation of UK bands 12″, in conjunction with Paradise Vendors (a record label,CL) feat: Fair Ohs/ Graffiti Island/ La La Vasquez/ Cold Pumas/ M. Bonding/ Teen Sheiks/ Plug/ The Human Race/ Not Cool/ Not Cool/ Spectrals/ Mazes, a Blessure Grave Live Cassette and in the near future will be releasing a Dirty Beaches 7″ and Hounds of Hate 12″. ( Overwhelmed? To hear and see these bands look below  for “Bands Dictionary”, CL).

Before this I used to work in transexual porn. No lie.

I like girls from the early 90’s with big hair and neon bikinis.


Graffiti Island- Headhunters

This is a sequence from one of my favourite movies, Beach Babes From Beyond 2: Cave Girl Island. It’s these kinda movies that inspired the name.


Male Bonding

Male Bonding from a warehouse show last year, crazy fun. Now and again a warehouse space will crop up in London and for a period of about 6 months there will be some amazing shows and it’ll be wild nights but they always end. Were waiting for a new one to crop up at the moment.

Current Obsession:

Hounds of hate – I Like Triangles

This is a great video for the first Track to be released by Hounds of Hate, I love the way the videos put together and the song is just perfect.


Conan Roberts


Bands Dictionary

These bands belong to  London’s DIY scene portrayed in Italian Beach Babes, Lo-fi sounds ranging from Garage/Post punk to “Fucked- up Pop”, Lyrics ranging from cheeky defiant to hazy Horror B movies nostalgic. The lo-tech cassettes/ 7″ vinyls with its hand-made feel covers complement the Lo- fi fuzzy sounds, once you’ve tasted one, you binge hard.

Male Bonding- Year’s Not Long

Graffiti Island- Drink Fuck & Fight (GG Allin tribute)
MP3: Graffiti Island- Drink Fuck & Fight

Dirty Beaches- Coast to Coast

Cold Pumas- Jela

MP3: Pens-Freddie
MP3: Pens-Networking

La La Vasquez


Spectrals- Leave Me Be

MP3: Spectrals- Leave Me Be

Blessure Grave- Stop Breathing

MP3: Blessure Grave-Stop Breathing

Fair Ohs- Hey Lizzie

Fair Ohs

MP3: Fair Ohs- Hey Lizzie

Few Words On GG Allin

The notoriously notorious Punk rocker, who used to perform naked -often covered with his own blood- shit on stage and eat his own feces, and yet indisputably a prolific and talented artist, whose  music legacy remains relevant and kicking. His choice of lyrics was beyond provocative, a diplomat he was not, but then again what would you expect from a person who was birth-named Jesus Christ by his fanatic father. Well, the “Messiah” overdosed on Heroin in 1993 (A divine way to go, CL), and no, he hasn’t resurrected yet, though he sort of did through now a days lo- fi Punk bands (look for the GG Allin tribute 7″ vinyl by Italian Beach Babes).

GG Allin- I Wanna Fuck Myself


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