Craig Gordon

The Delta Mirror

Los Angeles

Craig Gordon

I’ve been focused pretty heavily on my band, The Delta Mirror, for the past couple of years, but I came to LA pursuing film. I was hired in the video department at Capitol Records and as video director at The Collective Sound Music Academy. The combination of those two jobs ushered me into starting a band. I’d still like to keep shooting and editing. I love doing music videos for other bands. Financially things were more comfortable when I had those jobs, but once these songs started coming together I knew this was going to be what was happening with me for a while. We’re about to head out on tour again which is probably the most fulfilling part of all this. (For tracks and vids of related bands look below for: “The Scene”, CL)

My father played the part of Miguel in the movie Tremors.

There’s nothing particular to my taste in women, but short hair is nice, and if you have big tattoos on your neck you can pretty much make me do anything you want. Basically I like motorcycle lesbians.


The Delta Mirror

MP3: The Delta Mirror- Going To Town

MP3: The Delta Mirror-He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You


Yeahsayer- Ambling Alp

I honestly can’t think of any video that capture the Zeitgeist of present day Los Angeles, but this is the city where music videos come from, so I choose one that I think is relevant, which is saying a lot considering the music video as an art form is all but dead. This was done by Radical Friend, an amazing directing team. It reminds me of an early New Order video.

Current Obsession:

Zola Jesus- Clay Bodies

My latest musical obsession would have to be Zola Jesus! She’s making perfect music, period.

Gig I want to recommend:

We’re playing with Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound, Halloween Swim Team and Wet and Reckless at Spaceland on July 6


Craig Gordon

The Scene

The only thing these bands have in common is that they shared/share the same stages, Almost all LA based except San Diego’s  Tape Deck Mountain, Chico’s  Shimmies (The Delta Mirror’s best buds) and Burnco Berkeley’s Odd Nosdam. The Delta Mirror’s sound has been described as Electro- Shoegoth, with Gordon’s goth vocals and  grim hospital-located lyrics. best way I could describe  their music vibe, is a sea wave, starting out small and ascending into a big whip splash onto your flesh, or alternately flooding you. Other bands presented down, play louder guitar oriented Shoegaze/Psych (The Warlocks), Electronic- Ambient to Visual- Experimental (Healamonster & Tarsier, Odd Nosdam , VOICEsVOICEs) , Button pushers (Boom Bip), fusion Psychedelic (Halloween Swim Team), Tape “Post- Fi” (Tape Deck Mourtain ) Plus the up and coming chick punk rockers: Wet & Reckless. To understand what this is all about,  hit Play and take your pick

Wet and Reckless

MP3: Wet and Reckless-Untie Me

Odd Nosdam- Kill Tone

Boom Bip

MP3: Boom Bip- The Matter Feat. Nina Nastasia

Healamonster & Tarsier- Cupcake Cave



The Warlocks

MP3: The Warlocks- The Dope Feels Good

Tape Deck Mountain- A Cool Thing

Halloween Swim Team- The Rise and Fall of King Faredae

The Shimmies

MP3: The Shimmies- Judas


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