London-Brooklyn-El Paso



London’s Covergirl was formed in 2011 and still resonating ever more fresh in 2013. Their sound can be described as DIY post punk x garage rock meeting on the dance floor, while their punk is captivating and bordering spiritual. The following tracks and video aren’t super new (2012,2011 respectively) nevertheless it has been my main vibe tunes for the past month. “Ice Father Nation” is taken from Tuff Enuff Records first ever release, “Why Diet When You Can Riot”, a compilation 12”.  “Paris Burns” was their first single released on 7″ via Captured Tracks. Below you can also find the great vid directed by Lessa Millet.



Arc Light


Brooklyn-based Ryan Gabel aka Arc Light came out with his fourth Album titled Ancient Soft last January. “Ancient Soft is nothing lofty, poetic, or important. These songs were created as organically as possible. If they have lofty, poetic, or important resonances with its listeners, then I’m full of shit.” he said of it.  And indeed there’s no musical pretentiousness in it but a lot of good. I chose to present German Jaw, a sleek yet mellow hymn-like tune featuring a soothing melody that reflects the warmer hues in Ryan’s vocals and a witty drum machine beats. Ancient Soft is available on tape and for download via  Zeon Light Kasset.

Arc Light

MP3: Arc Light – German Jaw



El Paso

New York, a snow blizzard in March. Summer nights can’t come sooner when grill smells saturate the thick air in Bushwick and backyard Cumbia beats mash-up with bump-bump car subwoofer hip hop. Pivpovar is neither, it’s Texan-made synth music that definitely conjured starry night images in my head. The following track is of Pivovar’s “Bury Me in the Deepest Part of the Sky” debut album which you can fetch in here.Lion

MP3: Pivovar – There Is an Unconditional Love at the End of All Suffering


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