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Aria Jalali

Railcars is a project i began in 2007 when i was asked to open on a short west coast tour with my friend Dan, of Wolf Parade’s project Handsome Furs. that event was really the reason for this project coming to be. After playing a lot of local shows, and writing some tracks, eventually in 2008 the first Railcars debut came as a 7″ 5 track EP released on bay area art house label Gold Robot, titled ‘Cities vs. Submarines’, this was a very poppy production, collaboratively recorded and produced by myself and Jamie Stewart (of Xiu Xiu, Former Ghosts, etc); this initial release was supported by tours of the US and Europe. Upon returning in 2009, Railcars released a very experimentally recorded, very harsh loud pop album titled ‘Cathedral With No Eyes‘ that was about 18 minutes long, it was supported by about 4 months of US/Europe tour, again. in that time we also put out a free mixtape of remixes of ‘Cathedral With No Eyes’ songs, remixed by people like No Age, Lucky Dragons, Xiu Xiu, White rainbow, etc. Now Railcars is releasing an entire cover of Kate bush’s ‘Hounds of Love’ album soon, as well another 7″ on Gold Robot of early pre-‘Cities vs Submarines’ demos sung by girls that were live members of the band. Also, i have just released a collection of unrelated jams as Gypsy Treasures (Check below) on Not Not Fun Records.

I am an artisan hash maker as a hobby.

I’m really a nerd, so really anyone willing to watch Lord of the Rings or  The Simpsons with me, and smoke j’s in the shower together, those are examples of things i like.


This is a video by Imaginary Animal made for a Lucky Dragons remix of a track entitled “Castles” that i did on my second EP.

Railcars-  Castles (Lucky Dragons Remix)
MP3: Railcars – Castles (Lucky Dragons remix)



This is some footage off a DVD my friend made from a show i attended ‘back in the good old days’ over at The Smell in LA. which i know at this point everyone has been there and blah blah, but the point of this clip isnt to tell you about Health or The Smell, it’s … hey, look at those kids in that clip, look at that community, look at everyone coming together so much so often. You know, my project started in San Francisco, and while i love that city, the music scene is just embarrassing compared to Los Angeles. it’s not that there isn’t lots of talent in SF, there just is no cohesion. no ‘scene’ that is nearly as tight knit yet hugely expansive the way it is in LA, it’s really amazing.

Health footage from “Live At The Smell” 


Current Obsession:

Easy, i have this song on repeat at the moment

Boney M- Rasputin


The Playlist

Gypsy Treasures

Next level oriental electro psychedelia, a Tarab inducing jam, so i didnt mind the lengthy tracks. Using oriental/eastern elements as a gimmick or as mere embellishment puts me completely off, but Gypsy  Treasures/Railcars , use it in a very clever way, it feels like it’s inherently there. Please follow and unveil the works of Aria through his various acts in here & via all the links upstairs.

MP3: Gypsy Treasures – Four Horsemen (live)


La La Vasquez
La La Vasquez
[La La Vasquez]

White Ring- King 
[White Ring]


Death Grips
MP3: Death Grips – Takyon (Death Yon) [Death Grips]

39 Clocks
MP3: 39 Clocks- Radical Student Mob In Satin Boots MP3: 39 Clocks- A Look Into You [39 Clocks]

Former Ghosts
MP3: Former Ghosts – Unfolding [Former Ghosts]

MP3: Railcars- Cathedral With No Eyes

Raw Moans
Raw Moans- Tralala (lush cover)
[Raw Moans]


Adam Green
MP3: Adam Green- Frozen In Time [Adam Green]