Sharing: Beth Israel

Beth Israel


BETH ISRAELBeth Israel isn’t just another band with a name that’s difficult to Google. The Austin Duo of Zack Claxton and Ramsey Eddins have put out two excellent releases this year with scarce media coverage: the Dental Denial album was self-released in January and their self-titled cassette was released in May via Dull Tools. A month ago at Austin’s Hotel Vegas, I had the chance to check out their live performance (along with the excellent Foreign Mothers and Man Hands) and was even more impressed. Their garage and post-punk sound manages somehow to be raw and sophisticated in the same breath, with a drum machine adding extra energy to the frenetic structure of their performance. Zack and Ramsey alternated performing vocals, Zack’s delivery was passive while Ramsey’s was more in your face, though both equally intense and precise. Suggest you check all the music linked below and follow them.

(Hi Beth Israel, plz email me when/if you come to NY)




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