Shopping. Tink.




More London-based DIY glory comes from SHOPPING, a threesome formed last November by Billy (Wetdog, covergirl), Andrew and Rachel. The track I’ve chosen is the B side of their upcoming 7″, and it has that very amused funky guitar sound winking at punk. All I can say is that you’re lucky buggers if you happen to live in Europe cause SHOPPING are coming atcha this month, check out their tour dates in here

The In Other Words b/w You Are A Sort (Don’t Call Me) 7″ single is out June 10th on MÏLK records. Pre-order the vinyl in here




Hell yeah a new video from Coco’s Ocd’s fairy gurl Tink. Directed By Addison Wright, this vid channels Tink’s raw sass and a lot of  having-fun-in-the-club vibes. Trust me you wanna be in that club with Tink and some Molly Love. Wink.

Molly Love is outta the latest Tink mixtape Blunts & Ballads.

Tink – Molly Love


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