María y José. Surfing . Sadhands. Crueler

María y José

Tijuana, Mexico

María y José is the project of Tijuana’s Antonio Jimenez AKA Tony Gallardo. Jimenez casts holy beats and exhilarating rhythm shifts upon us in his latest Club Negro. Despite the dark dancy vibes ascending from the tracks there is a definite jovial tropical scents swirling throughout the whole album. I would add some María y José into every DJ set this summer because hell yeah why not. Club Negro vs sunshine, it’s on.
Club Negro was released last week. You can stream it and buy it via itunes in here .

María y José



Brooklyn/ Harrisonburg, Virginia

Surfing foreplay their forthcoming EP with the Hollow Sparrow single. I was totally sold on it 12 seconds into the first listening, the following 2:43 mins kept getting better. Jordan Stern’s unearthly vocals tinges this fine garage rock tune in a unique hue that makes it pop out in the forevermore shifting musical landscape. Absolutely looking forward for the impending rest of this 7″.

Follow Surfing’s shows and news through here.



Sadhands/ Crueler

Cape Town

I don’t know much about the configuration of Sadhands/Crueler though I do know that both projects are by the same Cape-Town based artist/producer. Sadhands employs an RNB twist and slowed down/distorted/reverbed vocals onto its sound, while the Crueller sound is female vocals centered melancholic goth pop.

The Sadhands mixtape, Gold Line, was released on January and the Crueler EP , I Was Dancing While She Was Dying, on march. You can download them both in here.


Crueler – I Fall From You

Sadhands – Valencia


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