Emotional . Pajama People



I’m hoping that the following video might be ushering in a new record for the brilliant Emotional. Emotional, the solo act of Brian Wakefield (Melted Toys), popped into our lives last September when he released his trippy debut Feeling. Continuing in the realm of Feeling “Pain for Pleasure” spotlights the Lo-fi psychedelic guitar, heart-breaking warped melodies and sultry pleas. The video’s 80s feel-and-look, directed By JAH, speaks loudly the music’s esthetics and cures certain maladies of the heart. 

Check Emotional’s news and get the Feeling album over at Gnar Tapes.



Pajama People


Pajama people was first formed in Boston in 2011 by Lindsay Gordon and Will Lakritz as a bedroom project. At some point they became a foursome (Luke Alvine and Steven Salazar joined in), moved to Brooklyn and completed their first LP titled Cool Intentions. The album is pure DIY, “… 100% home recorded with no outside production or engineering help.” And marks a stylistic shift from their previous EPs. Cool Intentions offers splendid organically-sounding psychedelic pop tunes, dunno if i can also call it chillwave though it’s definitely on the chill side in terms of the listener’s experience.

You can get the Digital download of this album or the Cassette, released last week Via Memory No.36 Recordings.


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