BraqueBerry. Tink G . Fauna



Toronto-based producer BraqueBerry compounded his wicked beats with a vid glory. Directed by Aleix Pitarch, the video features 1987’s hit PC by Commodore, some video game characters antics and more… The result showcases a clever manipulation of vintage footage to render the intriguing bouncy sounds of BraqueBerry in the best way possible.

“Blaque Won” is of the Wemen EP available now via Brilliantine. Preview of the EP can be found below and for full stream hit  SoundCloud.


Tink G



This singerapper fairy has seriously captivated me. Hard to believe that at the age of 17 Tink can embed so much depth and soul into her act, at the same time maintaining her young cheekiness and sass. Leaving us a track of winking pixie dust. The vid at hand, by A Zae Production, puts a spotlight on Tink while keeping it dim enough to wanna see more.

“Background Music” is of the Alter Ego tape, released last year. For more of Tink you should check her latest mixtape Blunts & Ballads.

Tink G – Background Music 




Videos with animal costumes are so amusing. The dissonance between the animal front and  human movement can never get old. Add to that a flying saucer and clumsy beams of light and you’re half way there. The music should take you the other half. Luckily Fauna succeeds in doing that and beyond with its blue sounding synths and ominous pop. 

This track is of the D(R)ONE LP released last october via Moun10


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