Barcelona- Brooklyn- Beirut



Barcelona’s Paralelo dark-wave outfit manifests various hues of affectation is in the following track wherein the electric guitar presents the warmest hue.  Two layers of analogous haunted vocals are detached from the guitar melodies and from each other. This dissonance triggers my brain into employing Audio Gestalt (which I claim being a “thing”) , thus opening a whole new perception vault of sound assembling. You can download the Fig. 5 EP for free via Bandcamp .


MP3: Paralelo – Bajo tierra




Trabajo has been busy musically exploring various folk music time zones. This time around TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin ears land in Indonesia, sampling epic iconic Gamelan recordings on their “Gamelan to the Love God”  EP, which you can buy on Bandcamp . Also, you should witness Trabajo live on March 6th in one of my fav Bushwick venues: The Ho_se.


MP3: Trabajo – The Myth


Safar Barlik  سفر برلك


All I wanna be at right this moment is Beirut (the city), for a variety of reasons that I can’t possibly discuss with you here. Safar Barlik does dream lo-fi pop in Lebanese, they speak my language, though bet you’ll feel intimate with them without understanding the wondrous Arabic language. Go ahead and get this lovely EP, Available for download on Bandcamp.


MP3: Safar Barlik – DekhanWsakar


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