I’m Back





Japanese twee pop at its best. Boyish‘s The Hidden Secrets Album, literally feels like intimate secret whispering, can’t tell whether the singing is in Japanese or in English though the Japanese accent peers directly into the ears outta of the vocals’ shadows. The cassette is unfortunately sold out but you can stream it on Bandcamp. Hmmm Sarah Records comes to mind which leads me straight to the UK, specifically Glasgow. Up next

[The Stone Records]


North American War


North American War‘s debut 7″ hit up my right nerves. Mostly due to its front lady’s cold and ferocious delivery. I do love New York but i could use more of a UK venue hopping to watch such a band. You can buy the “Ivory And/Geraniums On A Spit” 7″ in here. This leads me to another UK DIY beehive, Brighton, Up next



Dog Legs


Dog legs presents another strong front lady action a bit on the cheekier side in this case, with the lyrics in keeping with the playful attitude. Both tracks below are fun punk pop and they’re outta the “AWKWARD” EP. Which you can buy here.



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