Boshra Al Saadi | SAADI

New York

 I’ve been in constant motion, like a shark! I’m wrapping up my first LP, and getting ready for some summer SAADI shows (see poster below). Also singing and touring with Janka Nabay and the BuBu Gang. I just quit my job as a photo retoucher so I can devote myself entirely to music. Until my new record comes out, you can get my Snowyman remixes including amazing ones by Prince Rama and Lazy flow.

 We are made of star-stuff (Carl Sagan). Every particle that forms us originated in the Big Bang. I try to remember this when I am upset or confused, because perspective, as well as compassion, helps me to get around my own suffering. Some people believe that at the core of all our molecules is a tiny vibrating string…music is vibration, no? Music taps into the very guts of our being. My next record is called “Patternicity” which is the very human tendency to find patterns in everything. I embrace this tendency, because it too helps me to circumnavigate my own stupid problem

Coco: A specific thing you like in boys/girls?

Boshra: Boys who think like girls, and girls who think like boys. Boys and girls who blur the line between those categories. Men masquerading as boys are tiresome. I  have a thing for people who play rhythm instruments. 



SAADI- Snowyman

Boshra: Here is the story behind the video, which is based on an Indonesian myth using shadow puppets: Nawang descends to earth with her sisters to bathe during a simultaneous winter solstice and lunar eclipse. Jaka spies her and falls in love, stealing her cloak to keep her on earth. She weeps for her loss and Jaka comforts her. They soon marry and have a child, who unwittingly discovers the cloak. Nawang confronts Jaka and uses her cloak to return to her home in the moon.



Tune- Yards – Bizness

Boshra: This is the world’s zeitgeist! Tune-Yards is genius.


Current Obsession:

Boshra: Speaking of Patternicity…

Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with music Video on


Upcoming gig:

Will be performing tomorrow at Santos Party House, along with JOGYO. This will be SAADI’s last show for the summer!
I am also performing at MOMA singing backup for Janka Nabay and the BuBu Gang on Aug 30.


The Playlist


New York is the prototype of a cosmopolitan city and everybody knows it. Having said that I don’t think the cultural intricate knit is properly expressed and represented in its music scene, at least not in a sophisticated manner. SAADI certainly serves a unique blend of beats and sounds, while holding potential for much more. Follow SAADI’s news in here.


Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang 






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