White Tuesday| 29


Lemchaheb. لمشاهب

Casablanca. 1992

Lemachaheb was formed is Casablanca in 1975. They have managed to revive Moroccan traditional music. Rai, Berber & Gnawa music are represented with modern electronic instruments. Their texts were provocative denouncing the political regime, thus being compared to the Sex Pistols!



Tezeo are Brooklyn’s Michael Beharei &  Jeffrey Cristiani. This fine video is by Josef Kraska. This  will be coming out on Dummy Records  Jan 30th. Music mixed/mastered by Sam Haar (Blondes).

Blue on Blue


So I’ve found something about her. Her name is Dee Sada. With Billy Steiger  they are Blue on Blue. Mystery is partially solved.

Blue On Blue – We Never Sleep
[Blue on Blue]



Rude cool punk. I miss London.




Chicago. 2011

Posted by Solid Melts.



Aly Talibab علي طالباب

Cairo. 2011

Egypt. This songs lyrics are about the revolution. Last year’s revolution, this year’s yearning. Naive and primary.  Arabic IS a beautiful language.

MP3:  Aly Talibab- El Afan على طالباب _العفن


Brooklyn. 2011

This is quite catchy. It’s of  Landlady’s debut album released via Music People Records.


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