White Tuesday| 28

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Don Slepian

US. 1983

Bliss. “Live video performance at the Festival de La Rochelle in the south of France, 1983, with the Jean-Marc Matos Dance Company, sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture. Analog video synthesizers with feedback loops. Early Linn Drum sequencer music, techno long before techno existed. It was quite an adventure – I traveled on my own with all the equipment and met the dancers in Toulouse.”

[Don Slepian]


The Pipers


If  you think this sounds bit/much like my fav Notes, you are not mistaken, this is The Notes’ Aaron Richard Piper. Can gaze downwards forever listening to this, while moving my shoulders back & forth, up and down, not simultaneously, though.

[The Pipers get at]

Giant Claw

Dayton. Ohio

Ok, so how come I didn’t encounter this act before? Might be cause I didn’t check out my submissions for a while? Yup. Glad i did though, this is a joyful psychedelic synth jam that can get you pumped up enough to move furniture around. Check the whole album in here!

Giant Claw - "Mutant Glamor"MP3: Giant Claw – Solar Cell

Video Thrills

New Brunswick, New Jersey

This is a new project by some of the Honeydrum members. It has the VHS lo-fi pathos embedded in it & despite its subtlety & shortness it’s very emotionally involving. More to be released from this act later on soonish.

MP3: Video Thrills – Our Plush Selection [Video Thrills]



This is basically sexy, very much so.  A cheeky noise-rock sung in Spanish. Free download the 7″ on their Bandcamp.

MP3: Fantasmas – La Maga


Yong Yong

Portugal. 2011

This is amazingly refreshing and challenging, for some. The vid can’t be more accurate and counterpunkt to the music.

Read the full post on International Tapes

[Yong Yong]


Montreal|New York. 2011

The hymnal nature of the song is so enriched and winked with this vid. Pink halos surrounding a low-angled shot singing repeated heads in the skies, has got to be so higher level.

Posted By Cory Levinson



Marc Desse

Paris. 2011

Twee-t blue. Check more details about his split with the a fore mentioned The Pipers in here. Via the lovely Bleeding Gold Records.

[Marc Desse]

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