White Tuesday| 26

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue



England. 1993

This can go ahead and land in the “Blue” section of this post. But it’s not merely shuegazy blue nor “Old”, it’s marvelous and it’s of their superb “Souvlaki” album. “I thought I’ve heard you whisper it happens all the time…”

MP3: Slowdive- Dagger MP3: Slowdive- 40 Days [Slowdive]


Narrow Sparrow


Citing Joe Meek as an inspiration for this song, Narrow Sparrow measure up and present a rather interestingly layered hazy electro pop,  thus perfectly implementing the ‘Dream’ part of the title. The stop animation vid was shot in super 8, and took months to complete, a rarest than rare incident these days. Say yes to quality.

MP3: Narrow Sparrow – Joe Meek’s Dream [Narrow Sparrow]



The Coathangers

Atlanta. 2011

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Melbourne. 2011 (!)

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Zaki Nassif  زكي ناصيف

Lebanon. Circa 1960

Coming from where i come, makes the concept of “Homeland” a very sore and complex one. So when Zaki Nassif movingly sings to his beloved Lebanon, i can’t help but shed a tear.

MP3: Zaki Nassif- Baladi Ya Habiby (Homeland, My Love) [Zaki Nassif]

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