Joseph Black | Honeydrum

New Brunswick, New Jersey

 We have released a bunch of pop cassettes on Amdiscs over the past few months and we would like to continue to do the same until we become tired of it. Right now we are working on a noisier instrumental EP called “Parallels”, it should be cool.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with old VWs. When I turned 17 I was finally able to buy a 1963 Beetle but it was a complete rusty disaster. Shortly thereafter I was jumped from behind in school by six kids. I was out of school a while thereafter and all I did was obsessively and meticulously work on my car; it was the only thing that kept me calm. I would wake up at 6 and go to bed at 12 and only stop to eat.

I like fair-skinned girls with big ears.


Honeydrum – Night Runner

This is a video for our most recent track “Night Runner” available on the Beko DSL/Crash Symbols compilation.


A video documenting the music scene in New Brunswick in 1983. The current state of our town is not nearly as expansive and even though there are still ongoing house and basement shows, the number of places putting on shows has diminished significantly. Our city is a ghost which is evident just about everywhere except for the downtown and college where there is some forced activities.

Current Obsession:

Joe Meek – I Hear A New World

Joe Meek was great because he was just in touch with pop enough to remain a relevant figure in that world but when you hear tracks like this you understand what was going on in his head a little bit more, which was not pop and not earthly.

The Playlist


 I could cite musicians & bands that Honeydrum sounds like, though I came to the conclusion that it’s irrelevant, we live in a certain musical climate which bound to affect and lead musicians in a certain direction, in this case it’s a blissful one. Honeydrum  makes articulated & sophisticated dirty lo-fi pop (dirty as in ‘dirty drinks’) with the vocals adding yet more depth to their musical experience. Tremendously enjoyed listening to everything they’ve done so far (Check an earlier Honeydrum post) & really looking forward to see them live. Follow them on Tumblr.

Honeydrum – Skin City
MP3: Honeydrum- Skin City
MP3: Honeydrum- Traci’s On The Phone


New York. 2011
MP3: Behavior – Chill Pill [Behavior]




Allston, US. 2011
Super88- Nervous Knocking

Honeydrum – Mellow Fellow


Voltage Black

London. 2011
Voltage Black – White Noise We Parse
[Voltage Black]



Poland. 2011


Los Jardines de Bruselas

Buenoe Aires. 2011
MP3: Los Jardines de Bruselas – Josefina [Los Jardines de Bruselas]

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