Winter Family

Jerusalem. Paris. Brooklyn

Ruth Rosenthal & Xavier Klaine

 our current music is like an apocalyptic report of our life,in a group, a couple, a family, with friendships and farewells. Our 2nd Album ‘Red Sugar’ is out both in a cd via  Subrosa and 2xLP via Alt.vinyl.

our music combines the two worlds that we live through.

The world around, saturated, incarnated in its extremes by Jerusalem , a city where Ruth grew in and that we love and that is sick by his men. And the other world, a family, our daughter ,living in an isolated farm in France where donkeys proudly ventilate the valley,and finally living here in Crown Heights in Brooklyn, though Summer in Crown Heights is more about r’nb and methadon so maybe our music is about to change…or not.

The world could finish tomorrow, but inside it was beautiful.

A specific thing you like in girls/ boys: We like russians, boys & girls


Winter Family- Searching Donkeys

This vid is by Edouard Plongeon, a young fashion photographer in Paris, working for magazines like (Jalouse, Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Elle, etc) and shot already a lot of stars of the fashion/art world (jim jarmush, kills, devendra etc )… it is a great honnor he did us this wonderful and trippy movie.

Zeitgeist + Current Obsession:

Upcoming gig:

We play this coming sunday in Zebulon, August 14th, 9pm: Abraham king + winter family + The pendulum Swin, Come!

The Playlist

 If to describe an instrument as heavenly I would suggest it would be the Pipe Organ. Something is inherently cathartic and redeeming about its sound, salvation awaits you right down the notes (never underestimate the power of association, It’s ever binding). Winter Family celebrate the Pipe Organ, often playing it in churches, accompanied by Ruth’s deep & impressive vocals, reciting and chanting lyrical lyrics verging on Spoken word, delivered in a mass-like session. Listening to them might highly engage your senses, even so at times it feels like the door will open at any minute and the messiah will hover in surrounded by halo of white light. Explore & follow Winter Family in here.

Winter Family- Omaha

Dream Boat

Providence, Rhode Island. 2011
Dream Boat- Sleepspeech
[Dream Boat]

Vision Fortune

London. 2011
Vision Fortune- Glazer
[Vision Fortune]

Black Polygons

Paris. 2011
MP3: Black Polygons – Reverse [Black Polygons]

Shabazz Palaces

Seattle .2010
MP3: Shabazz Palaces- Blastit [Shabazz Palaces]

Dem Hunger

London. 2010

Directed  By Richard Cruz

[Dem Hunger]

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