White Tuesday| 23

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Guest Curator:

Luke Carrell (Simian Gibbons)

Editor of International Tapes & Altered Zones. Editor at Zinenblogen.

“A fine young fellow with a fine taste in music (and women)



 Spain. 1985

 Emerging from the depths of their studio, VOCODER trade some of their Hi-NRG italo sheen for a more minimalist feel in this “live” performance. Onstage quirks, solid hooks, and bright flourishes from a youthful Juno-60 make this required repeat listening. May also contain your daily dose of delayed vocals and finely groomed mustaches.

MP3: VOCODER – Mi chica tiene un lio con Satan


How I Quit Crack

Austin, TX. 2011

 More fearfully and wonderfully made detox drones from the lady in neon herself. Vox, feedback loops, and drones create a thousand subtle variations that are easy to miss in the push. Get swept up in it all and let the sub frequencies tear at your bedroom wall.

How I Quit Crack- Don’t Fear
[How I Quit Crack]


Dizzy K. Falola


 Tommyboy and the gang over at ARAWA.FM are a building a giant brain to hold pop culture memories you wish you had: spanning from to disco funk and the visually bizarre, to artful electronic compositions and unjustly forgotten pop. Now, they come bearing salacious pre afro boogie from a pre “born again” Dizzy K.



 Ilona Bāliņa

 Latvia. 1970/1971

 If you’ve ever poured your heart out to an inanimate object, pet, deity, or person who didn’t care, this song is for you. A serious set of pipes, a bad broadcast TV studio set, strategic use of reverb, and a unique and very Baltic take on the psychedelia of the preceding decade make for a very touching portrayal of angst as can only be told in black and white.


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