White Tuesday| 22

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Marie Möör
France. 1982/1988

Seductive French synth-wave oozing with full on playfulness by Marie Möör. First track is of the ‘Pretty Day’ 7″ released in 1982. The following beautiful vid is of a collaboration with Saxophonist Barney Wilen leading to a Noir Jazzy ballad, released in 1988.

MP3: Marie Möör- Pretty Day   
[Marie Möör]




Zebra Baby
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Raw, Not exactly politically correct, somewhat feisty & mainly shit talking other girls, these Bushwick birds manage to match their electro hip hop to their attitude. Well It’s on then, and I’m in. This vid was shot in Brooklyn by Chilean vid artist BOG

[Zebra Baby]




Montreal/ New York. 2011

By the time you learn how to say their name you’re hooked, I promise.

Read The full post on Altered Zones





Mass Transit
Venice, CA. 2011

 Matthew J. Vasquez AKA Mass Transit, concocts  yet another dreamy electro pop track.

MP3: Mass Transit – Still [Mass Transit]

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