Junior Roseboro

Stray Kites

Ashburn, Virginia

  About a three years ago I moved to the outskirts Ashburn, Virginia. It’s basically one big industrialized forest with a river down the middle. Most people’s personalities seem pretty contrived, but there’s a safe vibe about it . Anyways after missing a bus ride home one day I met Max Detrich and we started talking about music and how much we’d like to make some. The Wednesday of that following week we created Stray Kites. Recently I’ve been taking a lot of long walks in the forest writing music, thinking about people, and pining for the Autumn. Speaking of seasons though, this Summer we’re releasing our second album called Mieux. Not to sound vain, but I’m proud of it; we put a lot of work into this. It’s hard… being “independent. ”

Sometimes I feel like I have more mosquito bites than friends.

I like girls named Noelle.


Stray Kites
MP3: Stray Kites – Misanthrope



There’s a nice and nihilstiv charm about it.


Current Obsession:

Pogo- Alice

Lately I’ve felt like I need to relax. This song does that for me every time.


Recommended gig:

Saturday July 9th Animal Collective will be playing at Merriweather Post Pavilion… yeah, I know.


The Playlist

Stray Kites

Unaffected by trends, free spirited and very vivid, is the music by these two young lads. Rejoice youth and keep your ears open for their Mieux LP coming out on the 22nd. Follow in here

MP3: Stray Kites- Bonne Nuit, Je T’aime


My Friend Wallis

Vancouver. 2011
MP3: My Friend Wallis – CRYSTAL FORMATIONS [My Friend Wallis]



Raleigh, North Carolina. 2011


The You Are Minez

Calgary. 2011
MP3: The You Are Minez – Downtown MP3: The You Are Minez – Dungeon Town    [The You Are Minez]


Histeria HD

Seattle. 2011
MP3: Histeria HD- i’m an Addict [Histeria HD]


Graffiti Island

London. 2011
Graffiti Island ft. Warren G
[Italian Beach Babes]

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