COCO’S OCD is 1yr old

 Exploiting Coco’s OCD’s 1st birthday to collide my two favorite worlds: Music & Film (yes, in that order). My blogger friends picked it up from there and made it happen. Much love.


Jarred Beeler


Blog’s Name: Life: Aquatic

Blog’s Age: 1 year old

Epic Post:  Chrome Sparks // I’ll Be Wait For Sadness Comes Along

Fav Sountrack: My favorite film Soundtrack would have to be ‘Werckmeister Harmonies‘ by Bela Tarr. Most of the film is musicless, however its lonesome score makes selected, profound appearances. Its heavy breath consists of an array of string instruments as a timid piano melody works against the current. The piece sits so wonderfully against the black and white images of cold, isolated, Hungarian Townsfolk.


James Byrne


Blog’s Name: dangerdance

Blog’s Age: My blog has been in it’s current form for 5 and a half months, but moved to a new address after a year at another site.

Epic Post: My favourite post was one I made for my old blog: Back To Life … Like A PHOENIX From The Flames

Fav Sountrack: I must admit that I’m not much of a connoisseur when it comes to film soundtracks, so this choice may be a little obvious.  Nevertheless, I shall nominate the ‘Suspiria‘ soundtrack by Goblin.  Perhaps what helps this to stand out was that it was created before the film was shot, which maybe prevented it from being contrived; that it had to be able to stand alone and be appreciated as a work of art in itself.  But, what I do know is that I like it, and in the end that’s all that really matters to me.

MP3: Goblin- Suspiria 


Luke Carrell



Blog’s Age: ZinBin has been around for 2 years

Epic Post: Stories of The One True Trophy Tree

Fav Sountrack:  I consistently find myself drawn to the Blade Runner soundtrack. Vangelis’ silky, sleazy blend of minimalism and drone with bluesey and classical elements is the perfect complement to a society that’s attempting to violently force arbitrary ideas of what is “natural” on a world that’s grown into something that, judging by those same standards, is so utterly artificial. Despite the movie having been cut and recut, the soundtrack remains a binding force for the films other equally iconic elements (hover cars, crazy eye makeup, light up umbrellas handles, etc) and even manages to take on a whole other life apart from the film. I also enjoy the soundtrack to Wild Zero.


Oskar Christiansson

Halmstad. Sweden

Blog’s Name: No Modest Bear

Blog’s Age: I started No Modest Bear in early 2009, but I can’t for the life of me remember which date exactly. March 26th is my IRL birthday though so I might as well let it coincide.

Epic Post: Tag: Jamie Harley

Fav Sountrack: Sadly, I rarely listen to film soundtracks in OST format, but one that have stuck with me for years is the soundtrack to Ghost Dog : The Way of the Samurai . If you’re looking for an introduction to hip hop as it should be – and a bunch of samurai codes – this is a must. The movie is good too.

MP3: RZA- Samurai Showdown (Raise Your Sword)


Emmanuel Ducret


Blog’s Name: GRRRIZZ\’LY

Blog’s Age: A few months after a few years

Epic Post: I am tempted to answer that I haven’t  written it yet.. So… I would say My only real mix. Choice matching music to my sound world totally.  I Will Not See It- Mix

Fav Sountrack: My choice fell naturally on the series Twin Peaks which terribly marked my person and reflects. I tend to often get lost in the underground labyrinths of my emotions. The split personality of the characters, sometimes human, sometimes animal…


Alec Friedman


Website’s Name: Dossier Journal

Website’s Age: We launched  May 14th,  2008

Epic Post: When we launched the site we had guest curators cycle through on a monthly basis for the “look” section; something a little different than how it functions now. If can remember correctly I was the 3rd or 4th person to contribute. Each month would feature portfolios of artists close to the curator, and for my month I got to experience for the first time how powerful and magical a tool the site was for communicating and for building communities. It’s something I don’t take for granted and a responsibility i have felt with every post I have made since. I cant give you the link because the post doesn’t exist anymore. Someone hacked into our site after a bunch of press we received around some photos of Robert Pattinson we published and we lost everything to the date of the incident.

Fav Soundtrack: Judgment Night.  It’s pretty self explanatory. Everything works; Rap, Rock, 90’s, Weed, Death, Guns, Sex, etc…  Duh.


Matt Jones

Boise. Idaho

Blog’s Name: Audio Milk

Blog’s Age: Born May, 2010 in Boise, Idaho

Epic Post: Memorable post for my best friend Trevor of Youth Lagoon: Youth Lagoon

Fav Soundtrack: Soundtrack from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti. Just a few months ago, I became obsessed with Twin Peaks and everything about it, from the character developments, symbolism, and music. Badalamenti’s soundtrack he wrote in 1990 found itself in my constant rotation, and influenced artists such as the great Phil Elverum in much of the Microphones and Mount Eerie catalogs. Reflecting on the plot of the series, the soundtrack is beautifully mysterious with smooth 80’s instrumentation. I’ve never been much into soundtracks, but this is pure gold.


Louis Kishfy

Providence. Rhode Island

Blog’s Name: Salad Fork

Blog’s Age: 1

Epic Post:   An analytic dissection of music blogging, as it relates to Altered Zones

Fav Soundtrack: American Graffiti has one of my favorite soundtracks, and of course it is also one of my favorite films. The American 50s and 60s are two decades I’ve always been pretty obsessed with. The soundtrack to this film embodies every possible feeling of nostalgia I yearn for when I fantasize about being able to travel back in time and drive around in a rat rod with a pack of cigs folded into the sleeve of my shirt.


Henning Lahmann


Blog’s Name: No Fear Of Pop

Blog’s Age: One year & four months (since late February 2010)

Epic Post: Tyler in Europe: An Incident.

Fav Soundtrack: Janet Baker performing Gustav Mahler’s ‘Ich bin der Welt Abhanden Gekommen’ in Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Coffee and Cigarettes‘, in the eleventh and last scene Champagne with Taylor Mead and Bill Rice. The song is playing twice, but each time just for a few seconds, and only in Mead’s head (and probably also Rice’s, though we’re not supposed to know). It is the saddest, most melancholic and most beautiful scene I have ever seen. Mead translates the title with “I’ve lost track of the world” (the common translation I think) though in fact it should be “The world has lost track of me”, which more aptly underlines the desperate yet splendid solipsism expressed by the song. All in all a truly magical moment, one that makes me cry almost each time.

MP3: G.Mahler- Janet Baker – Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekomme


Ian Paul Roger Nelson

Western Massachusetts

Blog’s Name: Friendship Bracelet

Blog’s Age: Two years and eight months


Fav Soundtrack: Space Jam Soundtrack or The Big Chill Soundtrack. i blew the shit out of the Space Jam soundtrack in cassette form when i was very young, shredding up walkmans past (i still have the tape) and i just fucking found out that Cheech & Chong wrote the original basketball Jones. And also my favorite track here is probably monstars anthem cos fuuuuk dat allstar lineup Coolio, b real, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Method Man.


Dave Sutton


Blog’s Name: Stadiums & Shrines

Blog’s Age: 2 yrs old

Epic Post: Slow Motion – A Visual Mixtape

Fav Soundtrack: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence – music composed and performed by Ryuichi Sakamoto (1983). I’ve never seen the film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, and at this point, that’s kind of a choice. Sure it seems interesting; David Bowie stars. But there’s such a vivid atmosphere to Sakamoto’s score…guess I prefer to stay in this imaginary place, with it’s own tension and beauty.


Teresa Kudarauskas


Blog’s Name:Relentless Noisemaker

Blog’s Age: A year-ish

Epic Post: Relentless Noisemaker’s 2010 Top 150 Tracks

Fav Soundtrack: With summer upon us, I have found myself singing a lot of songs that make me think of the movie, My Girl. And though that may not be my number one movie, it was one of the first soundtracks that caught my attention when I was a kid; it introduced me to a lot of wonderful classics that have stuck with me all of these years. With appearances from Sly and the Family Stone, Spiral Starecase, Manfred Mann, The Temptations (obviously), CCR, The Rascals, Albert Hammond, Artie Shaw, Fifth Dimension, etc., etc: you really can’t go wrong with this quality list of tunes. In addition to that one, I’ve always been a sucker for everything and anything from the 80’s—a decade that has sculpted and defined my entire existence on this earth. So, on that note: I’ll leave you with this clip.


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