Summer Vacance Edition 2

Attia Taylor

Philadelphia. 2011

Attia Taylor- Black Lottery 

I’ve been following Attia Taylor for a while now, her fresh attitude of handling pop has managed to keep me intrigued. So i’m quite happy to present some of what she’s been up to. This is what she had to say for her defense: “The idea for Black Lottery was conceived on the notion of having a small secret about your identity, keeping it inside until it is no longer able to be concealed. It is one of the songs that will appear on a compilation of previously recorded experimental songs, being self-released in July called “War Knees”, along with a few other songs like Anti-Gun Girl and Bonjour means Hello. Black Lottery is a track that stands out because of its balance between hard feelings and soft melodies. The clips in the video were taken from a gender study project done by a family member and worked perfectly with the theme of conforming to societal standards.”

Attia Taylor- Bonjour means Hello! 
MP3: Attia Taylor- Bonjour means Hello!
MP3: Attia Taylor- Anti-Gun Girl

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