Summer Vacance Edition 1

I’m on  my summer vacation and i’m humming, think i should share some of the waves washing me, no rules no cruels, just floating away.


Solid Space

UK. 1982
MP3: Solid Space- 10th Planet [Solid Space]


Kid Romance- Destroy Everything You Touch

Massachusetts, 2011 
[Kid Romance]


Brain Drain

Sydney. 2011
MP3: Brain Drain- Mere Mermaids [Brain Drain]


The Herco Pilots

Auckland, New Zeland. 1981
MP3: The Herco Pilots- Shooting At Gerald McBoing Boing [VIA]


Kid Romance- Faces


Ra Cailum- Asbel

Chicago. 2011
[Ra Cailum]


Lara & The Trailers

Singapore. 1967
MP3: Lara & The Trailers- Sugar Town [Lara & The Trailers]


Problems That Fix Themselves

Chicago. 2011
MP3: Problems That Fix Themselves- Victory (Alex Quinlan Remix) [Problems That Fix Themselves]


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