White Tuesday| 18

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Phil Cordell

British psychedelic pop folker Phil Cordell released this pearl in 1969, drug driven with hints of the mysterious Orient, it remains full-forcingly relevant.

Phil Cordell– Red Lady
MP3: Phil Cordell- Red Lady


When tantalizing synth meets vis-arousing mulch. Video whiz Luke Wyatt directed this vid for La Big Vic’s second release of their upcoming ‘Actually’ album, out via Underwater Peoples Records.  

La Big Vic- Mr. Broken Bird
[La Big Vic]

Red Psalm

This song builds up in the same manner that your eyes well up with tears, all coming  to a cathartic eruption/discharge. This is of the ‘Stay Subtle’ debut EP, released on April 12th via Amdiscs.

MP3: Woman Is The Future Of Man [Red Psalm]


Fusing the electric with the psychedilic & the ethnic can yield this sexy musical trip, notwithstanding the vid, of course. This is of their ‘N’ajzabi Beats’  debut EP

Myrrh – Club (Drum Sound Life) 
MP3: Myrrh- Club (Drum Sound Life)

Posted By Ryan Gabel



Ryan York

LA’s Ryan York , proves that CG sounds can be intensly sentimental, true blue.  This of the ‘Zipperlegs’ EP out on fav Leaving Records.

MP3: Ryan York- All Our Favorite Colors

She Male

A gentle heart warming Italo disco,  released in 1984.

MP3: She Male – I Wanna Discover You


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