White Tuesday| 16

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


The Cure

Feeling sentimental & disintegrated, the following tracks are of the legendary ‘Disintegration’ album, released in May 1st 1989. Goth punk dudes, do it better.

MP3: The Cure – Untitled MP3: The Cure – Homesick [The Cure]



Technicolor Yawn

Washington-based TY, sights old learn-Japanese cassettes which he found in an evangelist thrift stores, as one of his sound sources to assemble the ‘Youth Rituals II’ album, the result is interesting and fierce. ‘Youth Rituals II’ is out via Yes & No Recordings.

MP3: Technicolor Yawn- Some Area MP3: Technicolor Yawn- Io [Technicolor Yawn ]



Xander Harris – Tanned Skin Dress

Directed by Amanda Brown & Ben Shearn, from the ‘Urban Gothic’ album via Not Not Fun Records.

Posted By Not Not Fun .



Najat Al Saghira نجاة الصغيره
MP3: Najat Al Saghira- In Love With the Sea أنا بعشق البحر



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