Jordan Lee

Mutual Benefit


Jordan Lee

I am a professional amateur musician currently sleeping on the floor of a rehearsal space in Boston and recording songs in the bathroom.  Everything feels really transient and exciting right now, though I suppose mutual benefit actually started from me being incredibly sad.  Maybe angst is a better word.  Everything was freaking me out; televisions, grocery stores, the internet, money, the music scene, weekly business meetings, digitalization, cars, college kids.  My way of dealing with it was writing songs that could envelope my insides and make me remember about the magic that’s always floating around.  I really had no idea other people would connect with the songs too but I’ve met so many amazing artists through m/b and my other baby kassette klub. Andrew Morehart and I just finished a new album called I saw the sea and we are currently working on a (kind of) pop album for father/daughter records!

I like listening closely to distortion as well as, random chimes patterns, broken voices, and girls that I don’t understand.


Mutual Benefit
MP3: Mutal Benefit- Animal Death Mask


I’ve only lived in Boston for about a month now but the first several weeks I was here it was the most snow I had ever seen.  There is a giant window next to my bed and often when I opened my eyes the first image I would see was the sun reflecting off of the snow flakes.  Those moments remind me of this song.

Lau Nau- Painovoimaa, valoa
[Lau Nau]

Current Obsession:

I’m not usually one for string quartets but this is absolutely my current obsession.  You will know if me and Andrew are walking past you on the street because we will be whistling this song.  The four movements have a perfect ability to transport me to somewhere beautiful.

Hagen Quartet – Maurice Ravel – String Quartet in F – Allegro moderato 

The Scene

Serene, is the first term that popped up to my mind when i listened to Jordan’s tracks, also eloquent and sophisticated, so let me spare you the”layering” talk… “Serenity now!” was the mantra of George Constanza’s father in that cult Sienfeldy episode, later that episode to be Kramer’s,  though think all they had  to do is to listen to Mutual Benefit, i do. Follow & explore Mutual Benefit on Tumblr.

Mutual Benefit

JL: This is one of the first songs I recorded as mutual benefit.  At first I was way more interested in making interesting sounds than trying to write songs.  This was part of a silly tape I made when I was taking too much drugs.

MP3: Mutual Benefit- Figure in Black (parts 1 and 2)

Holy Spirits- White Walls
MP3: Holy Spirits-White Walls [Holy Spirits]

Wir Sind Keine Eltern – Möchtest Du Getragen Werden, Jonas?
[Wir Sind Keine Eltern ]

Rebecca’s Room – Haydi Bastir

Gupi Gyne- Bagha Byne

MP3: Steffaloo – My Heart Beats [Steffaloo]


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