White Tuesday| 15

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Art Inteface

American minimal synth, ‘Secretaries From Heaven’ was first released as a single on 7″ in 1983, ‘Chinese Take Away’ is of the ‘Great Big World of Nose and Shit’ album, released in 1986. It’s quite Amusing and catchy; music with self humor.

MP3: Art Interface – Secretaries From Heaven MP3: Art Interface – Chinese Take Away
Art Interface- Secretaries From Heaven
[Art Interface]



All  I know about this act that it’s from London, and makes eerie electrifying lo-fi.

Madgirllovesongs – Broken Head
[Madgirllovesongs ]


Traffique – Get Weird

Posted by LA- Underground.

Young Athletes League – Viva For Now (feat D Szor)

Read the full post on International Tapes.

[Young Athletes League]


Today’s Blue is especially blue, for so many reasons, way more than i could count, luckily though i have these tunes to “fuck the pain away”.

Somadrone- Conversations

“Conversations” is taken from Somadrone’s ‘Depth of Field’ LP, out on Skinny Wolfes.


MP3: JJ- Things Will Never Be The Same Again [JJ]

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