White Friday

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


George Pringle

London’s lovely George Pringle, has always tantalized me with her words, beats and keys. “I had a dream where I turn into a modern day Edie Sedgwick…“ well, she surely looks like her in the posted pic, Indeed. The 1st track is of her ‘Poor’ EP  released in 2008, and the second is a demo released in 2007,  four long years ago.

MP3: George Pringle- Fellini For Prime Minister MP3: George Pringle- Sw10 [George Pringle]

David Kanaga

At this point, think I have a musical romance going on with Kanaga, I seem to fall in love with pretty much every piece he does, therefore had a really hard time choosing the tracks to post, and spent way too much time exploring his excellent music Blog. The following tracks are of his ‘Small Musics 1′ EP.

MP3: David Kanaga- Doorlight MP3: David Kanaga- Summer Pastels 2 https://cocoocd.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/david_kanaga_summer_pastels2.mp3 [David Kanaga]


Soft Encounters- Professional Seamen

Read the full post on Visitation Rites.

[Soft Encounters]



New Animal

A new wild animal has marvelously  appeared at my playlist doorstep, it’s in the blue section cause  it’s playing with my feelings. These are  an unreleased demos from 2010.

MP3: New Animal- Making Faces MP3: New Animal- On The Ceiling [New Animal]

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