Omebi Velouria

Omebi | Os Ovni | Telepathik Friend

Austin, Texas


Omebi Velouria

It has been a quiet year for Omebi with a small limited release of a flexi-disc single on Space Cult Records and a collaborative zine called Everything Sea Dream.  I moved to Austin TX a little over a year ago and all I can say is that after playing endless live shows between three projects I can barely make myself go out these days. Honestly I’d much rather be dreaming up my own melodies in my bedroom. I’m just more content creating my own world, especially now since I have my new Octave Kitten synth, Omnichord and a way to record. Currently I am recording for the cassette tape label Mind Magnetic and for the beautiful label Phantasma Disques due out in March. All I think and do surrounds itself around making my own universe. Every day I sit outside and do some quiet thinking with my cacti, look for exotic feathers and geodes, and watch the behavior of insects. Omebi allows me to express these beautiful daydreams and innocence as well as my child-like fears of the world, the past, the presence, and futures. My music and art is inspired by interacting and communicating with other world consciousness as well as the beauty of  insects, crystals, the endless tides, flora and fauna, the planets, dreams, visions, fractals, feathers, space, other dimensions, and anything beyond the outer limits. My music and art and everything that inspires it is all I am made of. I don’t need the scene to notice or care, my reasons for creating are beyond. I have friends and fun, but all of that is temporary, creative energy will outlast us all.

I like it when people unknowingly read my mind.



Omebi- All of My Dream 

Recorded live at the Bleakhaus in San Francisco.



Talmadge D’Amour- Race of Slaves

When I first moved to Austin I couldn’t get over all the live synth music. Talmadge D’Amour is from the early 80’s Austin scene whom has recently re-appeared in the live synth scene.


Current Obsession:

The Space Lady- I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night 

The Space Lady was a street performer from the 70’s-90’s performing sweet synth songs about dreams and space…Here is her cover of Had Too Much to Dream Last Night.


Recommended gig:

I am really excited to see The Residents for the first time april 6th at the Mohawk.

Also check this event if you’re in Austin on Feb. 26th.



The Scene

Hypnosis, is what Omebi’s music can cause/cost you, a musical mantra penetrating and pertaining whichever state you might think you’re at, not spiritually  speaking though,  embedding the industrial into the psychedelic, or the other way around, resulting in a very mood altering music, that can be almost consumed  as/instead of drugs.  do snoop one of/all Omebi’s Acts while at coveted Austin’s SXSW next month and make sure you follow Austin’s brilliancy on Omebi’s Tumblr


Slugbug – Computers Again 


Games – Strawberry Skies (Gatekeeper RMX) [Games]

Medio Mutante- Inestable
[Medio Mutante]

Telepathik Friend
MP3: Telepathik Friend-Tron Run [Telepathik Friend]

Lucky Dragons- Hello New Friend 
MP3: Lucky Dragons-Hello New Friend [Lucky Dragons]

VC Childkraft
MP3: VC Childkraft – Earth 2 [VC Childkraft ]

Yann Tomita
MP3: Yann Tomita- Medical Service [Yann Tomita]

Blanche Blanche Blanche- Results 

The Residents- Hello Skinny

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