White Tuesday| 14

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Camberwell Now

This song is almost romantic, ‘almost’ is what got it on this wall. It’s of London-based Camberwell Now’s ‘All’s Well’ Album, released in 1992.

MP3: Camberwell Now- Know How [Camberwell Now]


Think it’s my fourth time to post Kid Romance, this has something to do with the fact that they always manage to trap my attention, though it’s not  that hard, all you have to do is combine post-punkish new- wavish lo-fi DIY tunes with half-rapped indifferent/almost robotic sounding vocals,  reciting art reflective cheeky lyrics, that’s all, basically.

Kid Romance – BAdArtxoxo/ Trash Hall
[Kid Romance]



GRAILS – Daughters of Bilitis

Read the full post on Sonic Masala.



A bedroom recorded lo-fi psychedelic pop, key board fest delivered in a brilliant vid. This track is of the Aussie Alps fourth & forthcoming album called ‘Alps of New South Wails’, self-released on vinyl , also downloadable, via Alps’ Bandcamp.

Alps- Life is Taking
MP3: Alps – Life is Taking [Alps]

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