White Tuesday| 13

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.



Naughty Japanese new wave, this is of the ‘Welcome Plastics’ Album released in 1979.

MP3: Plastics-Delicious


The following two vids are of  Azalia Snail’s and Goddakk’s upcoming releases on Silber Records.

Azalia Snail- Space Heater
[Azalia Snail]

Goddakk – In The Open 


Bibio- Excuses

Posted by Alberto Hernandez



I was lost for words when i’ve seen this, this is of Peaking Lights upcoming album ‘936’ out on Feb. 2nd via Not Not Fun Records. Directed by Amanda Brown & Ben Shearn.

Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines [VIMEO http://vimeo.com/19061882%5D
[Peaking Lights]   [VIA]

Antipop Consortium

This song is of the ‘Arrhythmia’ album, released in 2002.

MP3: Antipop Consortium- We Kill Soap Scum [Antipop Consortium]


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