White Tuesday| 12

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


The  Frozen Autumn

Italian darkwave, The Frozen Autumn formed in 1993 as the solo project of Diego Merletto, this song is taken of the ‘Fragments Of Memories’ album, released in 1997.

MP3: The Frozen Autumn- I’m Coming From Nowhere [The Frozen Autumn]


Totally Rad

I can not resist the sound of garage lo-fi, sue me. The following tracks sprung out of a Kalamazoo Michigan  basement recording. You can download the entire ‘Awesome’ debut EP in here.

MP3: Totally Rad- Burgers N Fries MP3: Totally Rad- Days Off


Simon Frank – I’m A Man

I’m lying, It’s not really borrowed. Vid is by Moduli TV,

[Simon Frank]




Jean Sebastien Audet

The following track marks Faux Fur‘s Jean first solo attempts, I’m in.

Jean Sebastien Audet- Night Seems Nightly



This track is of Clinton’s ‘Disco & The Halfway To Discontent’ album, released in 1999.

MP3: Clinton- G.T. Road [Clinton]

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