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Bermuda Bonnie



Rebecca Huston

Right now I am really excited about a split single that my band, Bermuda Bonnie is releasing hopefully next month with my other band, An American Chinese.  I play bass in the live show with AAC.

When I was trying to write a bio about the band, Bermuda Bonnie, I kept just wanting to write a bio about the person.  As if the band is a character, or a tv show…about a girl…in high school/junior high who is miserable and shy but she so wants to freak out and yell at her friends and then run and hide on a far away island.  Instead she holds her breath and moves to NY and meets her new and inspiring friend, Reta Feather who loves hats.  And then I list some of BB’s other loves.  So this is my esoteric thing:  BB loves Keanu Reeves from Speed and Grease 2 and and…tropical fish and the song Uptown girl.

I used to be the shyest person ever in school, I was petrified to even speak in social settings.  Now I think it is weird to want a career that involves being on a stage all the time.  But it is different, more controlled.   The Smiths taught me to break out of that shell.  Hearing Meat is Murder made me want to write songs sooo bad.

I do like boys.  Um, I want one with freckles and curls….not too tall.  Um, he should love surfing and boating and…James Bond…and…Fred Ester…and conspiracy theorizing.



Bermuda Bonnie- Invisible 
Bonnie Bermuda- If I Had a Party

This a music video my sister made.  We shot it in Coney Island in 90 degree full sun!  We wanted to have it be nostalgic and happy.



Ava Luna – Clips
[Ava Luna]


Current Obsession:

Small Black – Pleasant Experience 

I am obsessed with Small Black. There sound is so spaced out and lots of positive vibs.  I have been listening to all the tracks off of New Chain daily.

[Small Black]


Recommended Gig:

An American Chinese’s show coming up in Brooklyn.  We are playing in support of my friend Graham’s band, Holiday Holiday at Cameo Gallery on Friday, January 28th.  Also, Amazing Baby is doing an acoustic set on Sat the 15th at Bruar Falls.



The Scene

I feel like sometimes, one plus one equals exactly two, actually, more so, I could even tell how they add up, nothing wrong with that, it’s simple and charming, Bonnie Bermuda derives its appeal from that mythic equation, I believe, also I do enjoy children bed time stories for adults, though I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s The Little Prince‘s musical counterpart, guess my drift is clear. I truly enjoyed Bonnie Bermuda’s debut album, and sincerely waiting for her upcoming, suggest you try to hook up as well, through the following: Bonnie Bermuda\’s Tumblr

Bonnie Bermuda
MP3: Bermuda Bonnie – Listless MP3: Bermuda Bonnie – Houseboat


Frédérick Riche – Pink Wolf 
[Frédérick Riche]


Hippo Campus
MP3: Hippo Campus – Juice MP3: Hippo Campus- Pet Shamoo [Hippo Campus]


Jesse Ruins
Jesse Ruins- If  Y our Funk [Jesse Ruins]


Christina B
MP3: Christina B – La La Lune [Christina B]



MP3: Teletextile – What If I [Teletextile]


Daisuke Tanabe
MP3: Daisuke Tanabe- Rdjon (Aphex Twin cover) [Daisuke Tanabe]


Frédérick Riche – Open Universe 

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