Special Edition- Part II


1. list a date (+an hour, if u insist) in the past decade and tell in up to 5 lines, what you were doing/thinking (can be a crucial moment or an esoteric one)
2. a track or vid showcasing your work.
3. your choice of an “Eerie love song”- must be released between 2000-2010.
by Coco Lara
[Pic: Composer Riad El Sunbati]

Luke Wyatt

June 3rd 2009, I saw a YouTube video of Corey Haim playing a keyboard rack with off-hand domination, luded-up casual mastery, laconic tunefulness. If he got back in movies, his sallow porky present-day visage would be at best a joke cameo in an Apatow film.But as a member of a safe-cracker squad in a Thief redux his imploded glow would be an asset. In each frame his face adds heartache harmony of regret; the squashed wonder boy. Believably into crime. Michael Mann has indicated no sense of humor to take this kind of risk. In my dreams he does, and also hires Corey to score the picture, leads Mann back to when by pure temporal coincidence he was making films of night, neon, and white loafers with the music that best suited it. Spare synths were in the contemporary mainstream, so they appeared on his soundtracks. Now he features Chris Cornell. Michael, please correct your path.

Sad Stonewash: A Video Mulch- Ofiicial Trailer 
Eerie Love Song: Innergaze- Gravitate to Me
[Luke Wyatt]   [Innergaze]

Joseph Vorachack | Raw Moans, Skylines

I remember it being Spring 2009 with the temperature reaching past 100. Dylan, Nicole, Mikey and I decided to embark on a journey to Coachella. Unaware of the torturing heat ahead of us, we all dressed in black- it was miserable. We were exhausted from walking around and decided to sit down. It happened to be in front of Antony and the Jonhsons’ stage. OMG… it was a serene desert dream… I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

MP3: Skylines- Clean Covers
Eerie Love Song: Chromatics- I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)
[Raw Moans]  [Skylines]

Drugs for Drunks

March 10th 2010, decided to get my shit together.

Drugs for Drunks- Faiairr [VIMEO http://vimeo.com/14296621%5D
Eerie Love Song: C V L T S – Flooded Forest/Microrangers 
[Drugs for Drunks]

Thomas Michael | Jaded Hipster Choir

December 18th 2010,  Sitting in my friend Breanne’s bathroom, while me and her drink booze and listen to Tweet while she does her hair. A precious moment of feeling like a dirty teen.
MP3: Jaded Hipster Choir- Strawberry DNA (Alternate Live Version ft. Rachel Levy)
Eerie Love Song: James Blake – Limit To Your Love
[Jaded Hipster Choir]   [James Blake]

Joseph Calamusa | Lay Bac

September 12th 2009,  I realized that growing up sucks. i should’ve taken advantage of my youthful immunity to responsibilities.

MP3: Lay Bac- Stay Out Tonight
Eerie Love Song: Animal Collective- Loch Raven
[Lay Bac]   [Animal Collective]


June 2010 (seems like august 2005, october 2006, and september 1995 all in one): This is when i met the girl who got away. things were really good this past summer. she was really sweet and funny and kind of mean but i liked that. i remember distinctly the smells and sounds of summer in Brooklyn this past year. it was a really good, almost magical time. i remember sitting on roofs drinking with my friends watching the sun go down on Manhattan, hearing all these birds and people and cars, going to so many free shows with my girl and basking in the sun with her as our days were so carefree and new. i think i started writing this new album then, but it still had sunny type vibes, before things got kind of got fucked up by Fall and Winter and all my eerie haunting kind of music started coming about. it’s all coming full circle though, as i plan to end the album in the same way it started, light and dreamy, but definitely in a bittersweet way, as my bird rightfully had to set herself free. my love remains forever encased in time.

MP3: Gospels- Shallow Dive (with Loom)
Eerie Love Song: Tim Story – After 4 O’Clock by Nemo Sandman 
[Gospels]   [Loom]


Monday, April 26th 2010: I was in Milan, but I felt on Uranus. I was totally drunk at the gig of Xeno & Oaklander and Led Er Est, the first gig I organized with my friends of Raumkrank. My face was green and my heart was full of love (because of alcohol).

Xeno & Oaklander + Led Er Est
Eerie Love Song: Throbbing Gristle- Almost a Kiss

Ryan Manning

June 21st 2005, 4 a.m. I didn’t bring any money to my senior high school class trip to Disney World, so I was starving and cold (Not to mention, I didn’t have any friends because I had moved from Ohio to Florida only a few months before). At about 4 in the morning, I went on the “It’s a Small World” ride. At a certain point in the ride, when the animatronic kids were wearing all white, I imagined that some sort of apocalypse happened and this was the afterlife. Everyone is perpetually children, nothing bad happens, but also nothing good happens, so they just sing to stop themselves from crying (I cried).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvYNbBmsZXY ( the ride).

Wombs -Topiary Living
John Ryan Manning
Eerie Love Song: Xiu Xiu – Fabulous Muscles
[Ryan Manning]

Callan Clandenin | Lemonade

September 12th  2010. Midnight. In Sao Paolo at the Vai Vai samba school. I didn’t belong. The place was bright with fluorescent lights. Gangsters wore tight white shirts with gold chains. “We put the trash with the trash:” the floor was cluttered with crumpled cans, popped balloons and cardboard fans printed with portuguese lyrics that I couldn”t read. The Batucada roared and it was time to welcome the Queen of the Drums. She was totally mesmerizing. Everyone worshiped her every move as she glided and twirled.

MP3: Lemonade – Remain in Jah (Chrissy Murderbot Juke RMX)
Eerie Love Song: Instra:mental – Watching You
[Lemonade]   [Instra:mental]

Persona La Ave

It was February 1st 2010, when one of my best friends Andrew passed away. we used to make a lot of music together and he was probably the closest friend ive ever had. when i found out he had passed i was working on a song and i remember being in shock mostly, it didn’t really hit me that he was gone until much later. i had never lost someone i was that close to before and didn’t know how to handle it really, so i began making songs that reminded me of the times i shared with my best friend. those songs were the first persona la ave songs i recorded.

MP3: Persona La Ave- Mistin
Eerie Love Song:  Philip Glass- Candyman’s theme song “It was always you, Helen” 
[Persona La Ave]

Evan Brody | Family Portrait

March 17th 2010 12:30 pm- March 18th 2010 4:45 am.  I hosted the Underwater Peoples Ranch Party, which destroyed me.  Literally blacked out, not from alcohol or drugs, but from exhaustion at around 8:30 pm.  I still can not believe it actually happened and honestly cant remember what I was thinking or feeling at the time.  The daunting line up looked something like this: High Noon Sons | Speculator | Lord Scrummage | White Fang| Eternal Summers| Gape Attack | Worldwide Computer God | Family Portrait | The Splinters | Air Waves | Pill Wonder | Woodsman | Weekend | Sleep Over | Rainbow Bridge| Big Troubles | Young Prisms | Fresh and Onlys | Pure Ecstasy | The Baths | Grave Babies | Reading Rainbow | The Mantles | Small Black | Real Estate.

MP3: Family Portrait- Dead Spin
Eerie Love Song: Broadcast- Valerie
[Family Portrait]


Jonathan Coward | Shams

September 15th 2010, Laying in a mediocre desert with the rocks in my back jerking off. Thinking about my transmutative death while the sun rises on a trip. Realizing I needed to spend crucial time in the glasshouse of Los Angeles for unknown reasons. 2013 will be mine as i realize the true nature of my own personal godhead. I’m skipping 2011-2012>>

MP3: Shams-DJINN
Shams- Romantic Choking
Eerie Love Song: Mario ft.Sean Garrett,Gucci Mane-Break Up

George Cassavetes | FAMILY

The thing that really sticks out in the last decade would have to be the first time I watched Hackers. It probably sticks out because I watched it last night… I remember thinking that Jonny Lee Miller really doesn’t get the roles anymore. I guess it’s either that or the time I shed my soul and embraced the Esthernal (sic) darkness… but I don’t want to go into that.

FAMILY- Tha Jokes On You Bitch
Eerie Love Song: Joanna Newsom- Cosmia

Ben Larson | Merlin Monroe

Sometime around the month of May/June 2010 i wrote down a short poem that i think summed up my feelings at the time perfectly.

I want to talk with you tonight,
but I know we can’t.

Can we talk tomorrow
and pretend it was today?

I don’t know what I’ll say then,
but it will be something.

MP3: Merlin Monroe – Darth Vader looks at photos of Natalie Portman and cries.
Eerie Love Song: Grouper- When We Fall
[Merlin Monroe]


October 10th 2010, confused/quiet/dark/warm/awake. wrapped in a blanket of drone. surrounded my microphones. inside her cries. falling deeper into minimal drums.

M△S▴C△RA – krystalMETH / alanWATTS 
Eerie Love Song: Mount Kimbie- Maybes
[M△S▴C△RA ]

Justin Crumpton | Satan’s Youth Ministers

October 7th 2009, Lakeworth FL, It was Satan’s Youth Ministers first southeast tour, like 5 or 6 days into it. we were opening up for Surfer Blood in their own hometown, and on top of that it was JP’s birthday. It instantly had the vibes for a night to remember and was the biggest highlight . The tour had been full of tons of ups and downs already, we had just played with Harlem just the night before in Orlando. It was at this point that i felt we were unstoppable, and regardless of what anyone had told us, we could hang with anybody. So about halfway through our set this guy (Krissa) came up to the front of the stage and began to strip as our singer stripped., then as the song finished the guy got a little shy and started to put his clothes back on. then our singer said “No Way , come back baby. this is what we want “. and as we went into the next song the guy started taking his clothes off again and stripped down to bra and panties just as our singer was and the crowd went crazy !!! I think it was that moment that i realized that this is why i wanted to play rock and roll or music for that matter in the first place. Making people happy and giving them the confidence to express themselves, no matter how random,crazy, or bizarre it may seem.

MP3: Satan’s Youth Ministers – Xanax Love
Eerie Love Song: My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realize 
[Satan\’s Youth Ministers]



Tristan O’Donnell | Guilty Ghosts

August 14th 2010 sometime around 11pm… it was before midnight (and definitely before 1am) We were on the roof. We were looking down through the skylight, watching the dreamers sing their hearts out. It was summer so it was hot, and our arms were bare because we couldn’t have lived through this heat with sleeves at all. We could’ve died from laughter. It felt like we were in high school. It’s amazing to see you well again.

MP3: Guilty Ghosts – The Everlasting Evening
Eerie Love Song: David Lynch- Ghost of Love
[Guilty Ghosts]

Jean-Sébastien Nouveau | Les Marquises

November 2nd 2010,  the release date of “Lost Lost Lost” on my label Lost Recordings. It’s an important date for me : “Lost Lost Lost” is my first publication on my label, and my first album released with my new project Les Marquises. And my best album ever !

Les Marquises – Only Ghosts
Eerie Love Song: Christophe- la Dolce Vita 
[Les Marquises]

Leo Martinez | Natalis Dies

July 27th – August 3rd 2006, I was home alone during most weeks of this particular Summer.vEverything I was creating during this time was on bricolage; I was going to sleep with myself while everyone was awake and while everyone was going to sleep with themselves I was still waking up to myself. The Summer of ’06 was a time of circadian daze and existentialist burrow for me.

MP3: Natalis Dies- In The Streets, The People They’re Living It Up
Eerie Love Song: Robert Wyatt- Stay Tuned

Alessio Artoni | Welcome Back Sailors

November 10th 2009 9.00pm: I take my keys out, I unlock the main door and the place we used as a studio for our band. A few laughs, the cables turn from hanks into lianas, lights turn on and without saying anything,we start with the sound. In that precise moment, our adventure as sailors begun. For the first time after several years and after sharing projects together with other people,it was just the two of us. face to face.Not a band anymore, just us and our will to start again and experiment.

MP3: Welcome Back Sailors- Celebrating a Bright Mind
Eerie Love Song: Animal Collective- My Girls
[Welcome Back Sailors]

Jack Heffron | Zeadron Del Gomez

10-10-10 I was sitting at a bench overlooking a beautiful california valley, overlooking the ocean.  high, i was extremely at ease, and musical ideas were sprouting in my mind.

MP3: Zeadron Del Gomez – End Piece
Eerie Love Song: 12 Rods- Revolute
[Zeadron Del Gomez]

Logan Owlbeemoth | Os Ovni

In 2006, we went down to Miami to see the newly reunited Os Mutantes and play a show at Churchills. Leaving our pals The Curious Hair apartment the next morning, we got lost in sprawling downtown Miami for 2 hours jacked up on Cuban Coffee and Miller High Life seeking the theatre they were performing in. Will never forget when the curtains were pulled back. They began an ultra set of sound magic lovingly unparalleled. A truly amazing performance 40 years after it was composed and recorded! Afterward, we were invited backstage by Pat Fear (the person responsible for the reuniting) to meet and drink with the band. They were all very nice to us and strangely ecstatic over our love for their music. Wonder if they ever listened to the cd of our music we gave them all. Always imagined them shaking their heads and saying ” Funny esoteric Americans….”
Os Ovni – The Water 
Eerie Love SongOs Mutantes- Nada Mudou
[Os Ovni]

Danniel Radall

December 17th 2007, So I was at Arcueil – Cachan station, all alone in a city I didn’t know. I was planning to get my aunt’s home before dusk but I got lost though. I tried to follow back my steps the way I came but the next thing I knew was me walkin’ by the Seine. I felt a completely stranger. At first I was scared, but then the city and I became one. How cool it was man! I was a whole ‘world citizen’ that night, I didn’t even care getting home anymore. I was lost in thoughts about place’s history and the people suffering along the years, about my family, friends, people I’ve lost, and my highschool lovers haha. I wondered how’d it be if I stayed there and never coming back, I was such a brokenhearted boy ready to grow up. That fancy lifestyle made me doubt ’bout where I was going to and who I wanted to be. That night I decided to get back home.

MP3: DannielRadall – Running Out of You
Eerie Love Song: Empire of the Sun – Without You (New Version)
[Danniel Radall]

David Kanaga

July 2001, a bear came into a tent I was sleeping in because we forgot to pack up the fish (I woke up when I heard its breathing)

MP3: David Kanaga- Mr. Nowhere
Eerie Love Song: Dizzee Rascal- Wot U On?
[David Kanaga]



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