Special Edition- Part I


1. list a date (+an hour, if u insist) in the past decade and tell in up to 5 lines, what you were doing/thinking (can be a crucial moment or an esoteric one)
2. a track or vid showcasing your work.
3. your choice of an “Eerie love song”- must be released between 2000-2010.
by Coco Lara

Lee Noble

August 26th 2007, afternoon.  I was riding my girlfriend’s white BMX (for the first and only time) down a long hill next to the beautiful Tolo Harbour in Tai Po, Hong Kong, going very fast, I slammed my feet into the ground (there were no brakes) and finally came to a halt at the bottom.  It was terribly hot, I was drenched in sweat.  I saw a monkey in the nearby palms.  I walked back up the hill to her house, which was empty because everyone was at work.  I would leave in a few days, we had broken up.

MP3: Lee Noble- Born Mistake
Eerie love Song: Farah- Dancing Girls
[Lee Noble]


Klaus Von Barrel | The KVB

September 17th 2010, (6.30 / 7 am). Friday, Drinking in a bar in Berlin with the sun coming up, after arriving there for the first time 12 hours earlier and realising this was the right city for me.

The KVB – Waiting For The Fall
Eerie love song: Dirty Beaches – True Blue
[The KVB]   [Dirty Beaches]

Rachel Levy | Kiss Kiss Fantastic

August 26th 2005, Officially became the girlfriend of now husband, Rodney Wardle. Made it happen after a romantic viewing of The Brothers Grimm. Was thinking…FINALLY!

Kiss Kiss Fantastic – Lovely
Eerie love song: M83- You, Appearing
[Kiss Kiss Fantastic]   [M83]

Zach Hill

July 22nd 2009, was performing with The Boredoms in praise of the solar eclipse. We began playing at 9am on the morning of the 22nd and finished the performance as the eclipse started to take shape. the show took place on the deck of a russian cruise ship in the south pacific , far off the south coast of japan. surrounded by the sea , all directions.

Zach Hill, Carson McWhirter – Jamaican Fitness (Improvisation)
Eerie love song: Happy Birthday – Subliminal Message
[Zach Hill]

Tyler Thacker | Greatest Hits

May 30th 2010, together with the help of friends hosted a reactionary party against my previous residence in east Los Angeles being wrongfully seized by Bank of America. We destroyed furniture, artwork, and books, desecrated the walls/floors/doors/etc with spraypaint and other permanent media, and then lit the living room on fire. Immediately after, we packed my van with as much remaining art, supplies, musical equipment, and clothes and drove to New York City in pursuit of the American Dream, to be a criminal.

Greatest Hits- Ambulence
Eerie love song: Outer Limits Recordings- Julie
[Greatest Hits]   [Outer Limits Recordings]

Jon Lockhart | Daytime Television, Worthless Waste

May 2007 Detroit Electronic Music Festival, My First time Watching Wolf Eyes perform. I had left my friends in search of different music for the day during the festival. The name sounded appealing to me, at the time I had no idea who or what the project was and was immediately blown away by their strength in sound. That day I decided I would perform music I felt that strongly about for the rest of my life.

Worthless Waste – /∆/ 
[Worthless Waste]   [Daytime Television]

Jordan Lee | Mutual Benefit

August 13th 2006. On one of my last days in Ohio, my neighbor, whom I adored, asked me if I could fill in on piano at the small church they had started. While I felt (and still feel) that western style christianity is often misguided and dangerous I still thought it might be an interesting experience. That Sunday morning I played though hastily learned hymns on an out of tune piano while people sang the words and believed them with absolute certainty. I stretched the songs for what seemed like forever, occasionally silencing the piano and letting the untrained voiced fill the room with warmth. The experience was incredible and while it didn’t make me want to read the bible it did make me believe that human beings are awesome animals.

Mutual Benefit- Stargazer
Eerie love song: Tin Hat Trio & Tom Waits- Helium Reprise
[Mutual Benefit]

Attia Taylor

On July 7th 2009 I think my musical life changed (I get star struck very easily). I had the opportunity to meet the English band The Zombies. My mind went completely blank my cheeks bright red and it felt like one of those moments where it had to be fate because of the circumstances. They were playing a concert in the area where I was working. In the little time we had, we talked about music and how much I loved Imogen Heap. I would say a prominent moment of the decade that I will never forget.

MP3: Attia Taylor- She’s a Mad Scientist
Eerie love song: Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday
[Attia Taylor]

Josh Tabbia | Problems That Fix Themselves

January 29th 2009, Problems played our first show. Up to this point we had only ever done bedroom recordings and our concepts on noise and electronica weren’t much beyond basic. Regardless, we recruited another friend and pulled off a four-song set, with two laptops, an accordion, half a drum set and a handful of various homemade instruments. The show was surprisingly well received and the ideas we established at that show really shaped the future of the project.

MP3: Problems That Fix Themselves- Telephone (REDUX)
Eeerie love song: Former Ghosts – New Orleans
[Problems That Fix Themselves]

Eve Tea

December 22nd 2010 at 2.22PM I noted this time and thought to myself, “i am on the right track.” I dont know if there is a universal significance to the number 11 or if it is an arbitrary figure I choose to fixate on. In any case, I tend to look at the clock and see the minutes rise in multiples of 11. I don’t know why this happens but it has been happening for years. When I feel lost, there is no numerological synchronicity in my life. Conversely, when I am proactive and clear minded, I see 11’s frequently if not EVERY TIME I look at the clock. Whether it is self induced or something others have experienced, I don’t know but I trust it to be indicative of good things to come.

MP3: Eve Tea- +Battery- Eerie love song: Bjork vs The Cure- A Hidden Forest
[Eve Tea]

Michael Barron | Holy Spirits

Tuesday November 4th, 2008, Barack Obama was elected. I remember going out around Greenpoint/Williamsburg and people were so full of joy. I gave out at least a hundred hugs, many of them to strangers. Bus drivers were honking their horns, bars were giving free drinks. I even saw a cop give a hug to a biker. There wasn’t a nook or cranny in NYC that night where you couldn’t be surrounded by immensely happy people. I’ll never forget that.

Holy Spirits- Bridges
Eerie love song: The Microphones- My Roots are Strong and Deep
[Holy Spirits]

Low Sea

July 29th 2008 – Sunny beams, through the trees, lit up our way. We walked along the river flow, for some more, then took a rest. On the roots of an old scarlet tree we laid our heads…while the leaves, caught in breeze, whispered secrets as we slept away.

Low Sea – Some Kind Of Strange 
Eerie love song: Devendra Banhart- Canela
[Low Sea]

Tucker Rountree | Total Slacker, Web Dating

December 2008, my 1st thyme hangin out at Market Hotel, wuz really great. i think i saw Pissed Jeans// Vivian Girls that night. Market Hotel was a strange a new world to me that night (dec 15th -18th 2008 )– -i had heard bout it for like a year or so… Market will always b a special place — fucked up sounded incredible — people were moshin der brains out and someone got smashed into the big red pole i remember –and i felt really bad for him. Total Slacker only got to play there once w/ Prince Rama and Silk Flowers i think in jan of 2010 b4 it was shut down.

Web Dating – Lovin You, Freakin Easy 

1st video made a month ago for Vice — i kinda directed this on a shitty laptop camera w our pallies n too much 4 lOKO

Eerie love song: N’Sync- It’s Gonna Be Me
[Total Slacker]  [Web Dating]

Lavurn Lee | Guerre

Throughout my childhood my dad would bring me and my brothers to these classical music concerts at the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. They usually ended pretty late….but the most vivid moments were driving back home from downtown Toronto and seeing all the city lights. The skyline..the skyscrapers, the buildings, all those lives….waiting to be severed.

MP3: Guerre- Death Drone
Eerie love song: Thom Yorke- The Eraser

Solar Bears

July 17th 2010, evening, JFK Airport I was waiting to board the plane, listening to Sheila by Atlas Sound. Watching an elderly couple who were perfectly unified and seperate at the same time. Daydreaming about my own girlfriend at the time, the muse I no longer have. I remembered thinking about long life and the nature of relationships, how transient everything is. Is it better to die alone?

Solar Bears – Perpetual Meadow
Eerie love song: Atlas Sound – Shelia
[Solar Bears]

Laura Saliba | Le Sphinxx

Fall 2010. Walking through NYC streets after a concert . It was middle of the night, through a warm rain storm. Some how i was able to get my demo into the hands of one of my musical idols. The city glows, it shows the way to go. i pray for the day that i find my way.

MP3: Le Sphinxx- Red Light Green Light
Eerie love song:Garbage – #1 Crush
[Le Sphinxx]

Jorge Torrens | Port City

May, 2nd 2009, 12:53 ET, I was walking on a desolate beach consumed and saddened by a recent personal loss, the atmosphere was heavy and filled with fog. As I neared the shore I began to see a faint glow emanating from the water.  Phosphorescent algae stimulated by the mechanical stress of being pushed and pulled by the waves glowed blue and green. It felt like I was on an exotic planet far away from my worldly woes and (I think if I can pinpoint it to an exact moment) was the catalyst for my personal brand of cosmic escapism. I have always had an awe for natural phenomenon, which is a defining characteristic (in my opinion) of a romantic. The universe is vast and fills me with excitement. I can’t get enough.

Port City- Ambrosia
Eerie love song: Keep Shelly in Athens – Running Out Of You [Downloaded VIA
[Port City]   [Keep Shelly in Athens]

James Morley | Seems Dead

December 20th 2010, i was stood in line listening to ‘my aim is true’ in line in at the bank of america on 27th or 28th waiting to tend to some financial business. anyway, when you get to the front of the line in a bank of america there have a tv monitor with a live security camera feed that has some kind of ‘cashier’ perspective of the front of the line. long story short i watched the tv for a couple of minutes: just me with some periphery mid-fifties spanish guy dancing it up.

MP3: Seems Dead- Palm Tree
Eerie love song: Sonic Youth- Jams Run Free
[Seems Dead]

Chan | Pathetic Loner, The Darkest Love

Saturday 22, November 2008, I’m buying my first guitar because I’m afraid I’m going to kill myself if I don’t do it… I’ve always considered the guitar a minimalist instrument… like the Ichigenkin… I hate guitar solos…

MP3: Pathetic Loner – Evil Sun
Eerie love song: Jandek – The Side of the Road
[The Darkest Love]

Cory Levinson | Kohwi

December 23rd 2010, I’m at the application support center in Hartford, CT getting fingerprinted as a part of my visa appliation to the UK. They won’t allow people to use their cell phones, or to enter the building with any sort of recording device. There’s a hungarian couple getting their biometrics as well, and the guard tells their daughter she must wait outside in the car or her parents won’t be processed. It feels like a prison in here.

MP3: kohwi – Reeling The Warmth
Eerie love song: Bon Iver- Skinny Love


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