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Ilirjana Alushaj

I have an online zine called The Pop Manifesto . Amazing people work and shoot for it. Everyone in it is beyond talented. It’s a lot of work but a pleasure to create. I have a record label associated with the magazine and has the same name. I love music more than words could say so… here we go, start  a label. I’ve only had it for about five months and have single releases with Magick Mountain and Blood Diamonds. Next year more from them as well as Typical Girls, Vital Caress and a few more I can’t announce yet. Meow.

I am in a video project called Girl Crisis where we do covers and record on Super8 live. One day, one take.

I am in a band called Apache Beat and have a solo project called Typical Girls. I also randomly sing, play and write for other people if it seems fun.

I make words about music, fashion and art sometimes for publications.

I grew up in Australia and Montenegro but now live in America. My first foray into music was from my family which entailed slavic, southern european and middle eastern influences, but Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion was my first purchased cassingle. Teen years brought angsty post punk, British pop, jungle and noise. I hated a lot and always wore black. I quit bass lessons because my teacher didn’t know who the Bush Tetras and Siouxie Sioux were. I’ve had every haircut a girl could have and was the oddest person at law school. I dropped out to go to art school instead. I studied sound and photographic post production. Everything I made from that time sounds bad. Don’t ask me about it. I moved to New York and here we are now.

I have become way too esoteric of late. I sleep little, eat chocolate at inappropriate hours, think the cure are cool, keep a diary with me always, don’t own an iPod, own maybe too many records, enjoy formulating lists and am the worst person to recommend films, as I always forget what I’ve seen, until it is mentioned.


I like boys with intensity, intelligence, self-motivation and a synchronicity in record collections. I like girls with sweet sincerity and whom do their own thing and do it well.  All inspiring.



Apache Beat – Another Day 

A remix of my debut single out in early January 2011:

MP3: Typical Girls- Our Real Is Real (LOL BOYS Remix)



Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 


Current Obsession:

CEO – Halo

Raw Thrills – Hills Speeding 

Recommended Gigs:


Blood Diamonds is playing his first show in Vancouver.

Magick Mountain has his third show in New York.


The Scene

First time I’ve noticed Ilirjana was through a vid of her showcasing Apache Beat at last year’s CMJ’s, the music, the moves , and the vocals were all very captivating, and search-worthy, so that happened, and i found about The Pop Manifesto, my appreciation grew bigger, in my book good music taste is priceless. The music genres of Ilirjana’s various acts, may seem different, though the undertones are certainly consistent and consisting of a fair amount of tenacity and music fierceness/passion.  Make sure to follow the upcoming aforementioned acts  releases on The Pop Manifesto.

Girl Crisis- Come As You Are

Apache Beat – Tropics 


Light Asylum- A Certain Person
MP3: Light Asylum – A Certain Person


OS OVNI- Something in the Sky


CFCF – It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Piano Version)
MP3: CFCF- It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Piano Version)


Magick Mountain
MP3: Magick Mountain- One For My Ego (Holy Other Remix) [Myspace]


Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy 
MP3: Aphex Twin- Come to Daddy (Remixed By Richard Devine) []


Blood Diamonds
Feral Envelope [Myspace]

Fluker Love – Wait 

Von Haze – Outside The Night
MP3: Von Haze- Outside The Night



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