Marc Merza & Cory Siegler

Lizard Kisses


Marc Merza & Cory Siegler

We started dating this past spring, and we started Lizard Kisses pretty soon after.  It was conceived sort of by accident.  At first it consisted of the two of us just fooling around with some toy instruments we got in Chinatown and jamming out in our bedrooms. Then we finally decided to start recording it. We wrote the bulk of our debut EP on an acoustic guitar, singing and harmonizing while lying in bed through the wee hours of the night. In September, we took these songs, along with an array of instruments, to West Wardsboro, Vermont and we shut ourselves off from the world for three weeks. What resulted was our EP, Sleeping In. The writing and recording processes took place simultaneously, with us figuring out how we wanted it to sound as we went along. We explored and experimented with field recordings, unorthodox recording techniques and tones. We quickly learned that the environment is immensely influential when creating a piece of art like this and used it to our advantage. Heard throughout the record are spurts of our surroundings: cars passing by on the lonely road outside of the house, wind chimes ringing during a gusty, cold day. These small nuances are just as important to our songs as the chords or the lyrics are.

Right now we’re pressing our CD for Sleeping In and it should be out by mid-December. We are silkscreening them and each one will contain a Polaroid, which we mostly took in Vermont and Brooklyn. We’ve got our hands full as far as future releases go. Though we are a relatively new band, we have a lot of content we plan on putting out and in various formats. We are wrapping up some demos of a handful of songs that we want to find a proper home for. Another release in mind is a cassette tape containing soundscapes and found sounds of the city and nature- this is something that will be very different from anything else we’ve done. A book containing drawings of lizards from different artists is in the works, as well as a book with scans of our Polaroids. These things will be handpressed by us in small editions.  Lizard Kisses has become a platform for all of our creative projects, not just music.   The art and the music really go hand in hand.

One of my favorite things to do is ask Cory questions when she’s half-asleep at 2 in the morning and then record her nonsense answers.  The results are hilarious and I probably have over an hour or two of footage from it.

Cory is really into fine Filipino men, while Marc likes petite Jewish girls.



Lizard Kisses – Day Waster 
MP3: lizard kisses – Day Waster

This is a video we made in Vermont. We acquired this monochrome Polaroid film recently and love to watch it develop.


Matt Dallow – Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover) 

This is our buddy Matt Dallow who is absolutely KILLER on accordion. Busking is a huge part of New York City culture to us. Everyone rides the subway everyday and you never know what you might encounter musically. It could either be really great or awful- this rendition of Lady Gaga is the former for us.

Current Obsession:

Sonny & The Sunsets- Death Cream 

Right now we’ve been really into Sonny and the Sunsets. They’re from San Francisco and are on this psych/garage tip.

Tom Waits – Going Out West 

Manliest song ever.


Upcoming Gig:

Marc is also in a band called Inoculist, which recently went on tour withLower Dens (Jana Hunter) , and Little Gold(Ex-Woods). Inoculist is playing a show on December 16th at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn.



The Scene

Lizard Kisses

Romantically involved & revolved duos have always fascinated me, I always find my self wondering about the dynamics, rummaging through lyrics to find some leads into their intimacy, could a pair be more creative than the sum of its counterparts? can love amplify music? hmm… Anyway, Marc & Cory’s heart warming lo-fi pop, can be actually functional in these somber wintery days;  I Can’t avoid using the s(weet)-word when come to describe the melodies, although certainly not in a reductive manner, the sweetness lures you to go in, but you stay for so much more, with the electric guitar firing it all up, to make the required twist. Follow and Buy Lizard Kisses on: Myspace & Tumblr

MP3: Lizard kisses- Sleep Talkin’ MP3: Lizard Kisses- in the sun [demo]

Lower Dens
MP3: Lower Dens- A Dog’s Dick [Myspace]

Family Trees
MP3: Family Trees- Under The Sun [Myspace]

Vashti Bunyan
MP3: Vashti Bunyan- I Don’t Know What Love Is []

Beck Hansen- Run Run Run (Velvet Underground & Nico cover)

Zeadron Del Gomez
MP3: Zeadron Del Gomez – The Travel to Zeda Planet MP3: Zeadron Del Gomez- I Was Mine [Bandcamp,]

Friends- Sorry [Bandcamp. Myspace]
The Family Elan
MP3: The Family Elan- The Black Planets of Her Eyes [Downloaded VIA]

Oneohtrix Point Never- Time Decanted

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