White Tuesday| 11

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Esplendor Geométrico

Formed in the early eighties, the Madrid-based industrial act was highly inspired and affected by the Futuristic texts of the Italian poet and Futurism founder Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, hence the band’s name, the following track is of their ‘Sheikh Al Jama’ album, which was recorded in spain and released in Belgium in 1991. Incorporating Arabic influences, the Baraca track features  an Imam’s “chanting” of Qur’an verses,  thus causing me neuronal excitation in an unventured and  highly arousing manner.

MP3: Esplendor Geometrico- Baraca

The following minimal wave piece was first released on Esplendor Geométrico’s  ‘Eg-1 +’ cassette  in 1881,  it’s one of their most popular tracks, hit it once, and you’ll find out why.

Esplendor Geométrico- Moscú está helado 


Passion Party

Passion Party grace us again with racy new wave lo fi bliss, check Passion Party’s Bandcamp below, and await  more upcoming blows.

Passion Party-Lustful Youth

Forest Feeling

Enjoyable noise By Forest Feeling, which consists of Michigan-based Travis Siegfried & Tyler Ambrosius. Download their self titled first EP for free on Bandcamp.

MP3: Forest Feeling – Mark Up Not Code [Myspace]




Warning: It’s a 17 minutes highly engaging  mix!

MP3: BODY RUSH- Cosmosoul Mix [Blog]

Check out the post on ROSE QUARTZ



Lee Noble

Amazing bluey track  of Lee’s  ‘Our Star , Our Sun’ released last September.  Buy Lee Noble’s music or Download for free on BandcampNo Kings.

MP3: Lee Noble – Windswept Wasteland


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