Tara Tyson & James Wing

Pink Playground


Tara Tyson & James Wing

We put out our first tape on FLA & CDR on Valentine’s day 2010, “Pink Dream”. More recently we released a split tape with Bad Life in August on our label FLA. We have tons of material that has accumulated over the past few years. We’ve been recording and finishing a lot and expect to have a 7″ out on Zoo Music possibly sometime in November this year (expect delays). Also a 10″ on Downwards late 2010/early 2011, and an LP/partial comp on Mexican Summer hopefully mid 2011. Last but not least we are very excited about an upcoming split 12″ with Sacred Space on EXBX! Most likely mid/late 2011. Plus our song “Low” alternate vox demo is out on the fla / beko dsl comp http://www.beko-dsl.com/.

To us music has been a struggle and a blessing. It is a very special, personal and sometimes selfish thing for us. Music has become a way to solidify our memories, feelings and fantasies, whether they be bitter, sweet, hopeful or hopeless. It breaks away the dull and the mundane of day after day and lets us step into and realize the world within ourselves. Being able to “touch” just a single person in some way with something we create means more to us than all the money, praise or attention in the world. Regardless of what happens in our lives we will always make music. It gives us something to live for, whether we are received with open arms or instead nailed to the cross and ridiculed, it will never change how we feel about what we do.

We are both suckers for big brown eyes forever and ever amen.


Pink Playground
MP3: Pink Playground- I Don’t Know You

‘I don’t know’  is one of our favorites, off of our first release “Pink Dream”.

Exc. MP3: Pink Playground- Fragments of The Vicious Coil [Myspace]


Future Blondes
MP3: Future Blondes- Biaggio 2 [Myspace]

From our perspective (and historically), Houston comes off musically as very aggressive, noisy, and dark for the most part. There’s lots of homeless people, crack-heads, meth-heads, addicts of all sorts etc. Plenty of concrete, dying foliage and garbage abound, coupled with narrow-minded “christian” right-wing republicans and cheer leading soccer moms….at least in our part of the town. Future Blondes is mainly Domokos Nula with a revolving door that involves various other Houston artists….often 2/3 of Balaclavas. Future Blondes isn’t exactly huge in the world nor really in Houston. Mostly for those in “the know” so to speak; are aware of Future Blondes. We choose them for the almost elegant way of projecting the feeling that Houston can give you living here. Historically this town has been known mostly for noise and rap. From Jandek to Dj Screw; although different sonically; share the same feeling beneath and it runs through most of the art going on in Houston. We often believe that the H in Houston stands for Hate. We have never felt that we belong or fit in here and for that singular fact is why we have created our own little world. Things are bad everywhere in some shape or form but we unconsciously/consciously choose to not ONLY project the dark and uglier side of existence when we are creating our art. We believe what we are creating is an almost rounded representation of the different sides of emotion. The honest truth is we have a little Houston in both of us but at the same time we are completely rootless. Our only home is where our hearts are….We are sure that our art would be the same anywhere we land. It has always been about the world we have created rather than the one outside our door.

Current Obsession:

Sacred Space – Be at Peace in Yr Head 

Our current musical obsession for a while now would have to be Sacred Space from Detroit, Michigan. Sacred Space is one of our favorites that we have heard in a long time. We have it in constant rotation and it never wears out. The few tapes they have put out are tiny treasures to seek out!!! He might be moving to Austin,TX in 2011; and if he does we definitely plan on spending time with him…and maybe even some shows. Fingers crossed!

Upcoming Gigs:

We have played a total of 5 shows so far. We plan on playing more often in the future but not sure when that might be. With some of our releases looming on the horizon it might be sooner than we think, but not any planned as of yet. We will definitely play Montreal, Canada one day and possible NYC. We also have been invited to play Part Time Punks in LA and think that would be a wonderful reason to visit Cali for the first time.

The Scene

Pink Playground

Tara’s and James’ Pink Playground contains the exact dosage of  lingering reverb to engage you in acute reverie; illusive pink melodies & playful foggy layering, all leading to a slightly altered state of consciousness, similar to the eye de-focusing needed to make you see 3 dimensional objects, in this case you get the full-blown shoe gaze experience. Follow the lovely duo on: Myspace, Bandcamp & Facebook.

MP3: Bad Life & Pink Playground- These Days Done MP3: Pink Playground- Rain of Ruin (Suicide cover) – No Vox Vers

Tropic of Cancer- Victim 

T&J: We have known and been listening to Juan & Cam of Tropic of Cancer for a couple of years now. Juan also does stuff on Sandell district + downwards and Camella writes a very rad blog. We definitely consider them friends, and hope to play shows/spend time with them one day in the future!


Virgo Rising
MP3: Virgo Rising – Sugar [last.fm]

Play: Sleeper

Sandra Electronics – It Slipped Her Mind 

Fluker Love
MP3: Fluker Love – In Love [Myspace]

Worthless Waste
MP3: Worthless Waste- †eenage Dream [Tumblr]

Lois Magic

T&J: Rhys makes the coolest sweet/yet aggressive songs we have ever heard! Plus he is super nice to boot. We know we will be spending plenty of time with him if we ever end up in London anytime soon.

MP3: Lois Magic – Playing Snakes [Myspace]

World Tour- Sparks
MP3:  World Tour- Sparks (Demo)

Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko
MP3: Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko- When The Night Comes [last.fm]


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