Crystal Dorval

My Friend Wallis

Vancouver,  Canada

Crystal Dorval

I started My Friend Wallis as a recording side project to another band I used to play in called Vincat. Things fizzled out with that so I ended up adopting My Friend Wallis as my main brain child. I released my first EP “When The Blue Turned Yellow” in June 2009 and the release party was my first show and basically the start of the band. The sound started off mostly conceptual, I was trying to make summery vacation-y sounding music during a particularly depressing winter. I was also very influenced by world music at the time, and it just sort of took over my song writing direction. The new music I am working on is definitely more varied in its sound, but it’s still very much influenced by my love for world music. I am no longer intending to make a certain sound the way I was with my EP, mostly I am just totally obsessed with certain rhythms and that is sort of taking over me now. I really like how tribal drums make you move whether you want to or not and I am focused on that in everything I make.

Right now I am finishing up all the new stuff I’ve been writing over this past year. It’s sort of obsessive actually, I don’t do much else. When I am not physically making music I am in my head thinking about it. Though I am trying to pay more attention to the world around me and stop daydreaming so much. It can be dangerous daydreaming when you are walking around outside! It seems like I end every day in this big pile of scribbled notes and instruments sprawled all over my bed. It’s starting to feel like a collection of songs is almost done though, and I hope to live out my most recent vision of going to spend a good long while recording at my friends studio on an island near the Ocean. For now I am just settling into my new home city of Vancouver, I moved from Victoria this summer. I’ve got a new backing band together here and we’ve been playing a lot. Lot’s of fun. We’re going to play a few shows in Washington and Oregon in December, and I have some plans underway for a 7” release soon.

Recently I remembered this time when I was 12 and made a dance routine with my friends to a techno remix of the X Files theme song and performed it at a talent show in front of the school… :O

I really can’t think of a specific thing I like in a guy. I don’t think I know until I am presented with it. I know what I don’t like though, I could make a list of that easy!


My Friend Wallis- Hiding 

One of my new songs “Hiding” made by Aaron Bergunder and Kyle Surovy.


I don’t know Vancouver to well yet so here’s a vid at a d.i.y venue in Victoria.

Freak Heat Waves 

Victoria is a fairly conservative tourist town with a lot of elderly people and new condos. It is usually hard to make noise at all let a lone outside. Magically shows have been happening in this backyard all summer.

Current Obsession:

Recently I came across an article where someone compared me to Delia Derbyshire. I was curious who this Delia was so I looked her up and was immediately mesmorized by her. I have been watching all sorts of things about her and checking her music out since. There is this documentary called Sculptress Of Sound about her that is great. She is my new hero I think.

Delia Derbyshire – Love Without Sound 

ziwzih ziwzih oo-oo-oo

Upcoming gig:

My next show is in Vancouver on Nov 19 @ The Cobalt. I am also in the midst of booking a few out of town dates for December. So far there is Dec 17 in Tacoma, WA @ The New Frontier, and Dec 18 in Portland, OR @ The Pink room. We will be hitting Olympia, Seattle, and Bellingham as well, those dates will be up soon.

The Scene

My Friend Wallis

Crystal has a sweet voice, indeed she does, I was so tantalized , when first heard  Hiding, , I just had to see the person behind it, I posted, gushed , got connected, and now stoked to present Crystal, and My Fiend Wallis’ easy fall in-s, cushioning heart droppings and soothing the following pains. Please follow her on all medias through MFW’S  Tumblr .

My Friend Wallis

MP3: My Friend Wallis- Like a Disease MP3: My Friend Wallis- Crying [Myspace]

Walter TV- Grandpa

Kid Romance – Terror of History

MP3: Bankrobber – Tripe [Bandcamp]

Nobukazu Takemura
MP3: Nobukazo Takemura- Cons (album version)

Cannibal Collector  [Myspace]

The Twerps
MP3: The Twerps- Good Advice [Myspace]

David Kanaga
MP3:David Kanaga – Gold [Myspace , Bandcamp]

Basketball- Suspiros de Chile
MP3: Basketball- Suspiros de Chile [Myspace]

My Friend Wallis
MP3: My Friend Wallis- When I Got High With You (COOLRUNNINGS cover)

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