Sean Earl Beard

Plastic Flowers

Tallahassee, Florida
Sean Earl Beard

My name is Sean Earl Beard and i write pop music. It’s the most important thing to me. I have been writing music in one band or another for years. But these days I’m recording new tracks for an upcoming release. They are coming together nicely. Big synths and big words, Nouvelle Vague and Sarah Records. I think they will be the best songs yet. Lately i have been wanting to get in touch with people who want to help put it out. I have a couple of places in mind. That is the next step i am moving into. When something physical comes out from the band it will be something worth paying money for. It will be aesthetically pleasing and personal, because that is what i love the most in band’s releases.

I am also working on doing live shows soon. I want to make them something special and i want them to sound great too. I am tired of seeing great bands put on boring live shows. When Plastic Flowers starts doing live shows i want them to be emotionally exciting to watch. Not just a band to see. I am currently doing projection video art for each PF track. It involves a lot of super-8 footage and evocative images, but it is still in its very early stages. Any ideas?

This is my hands down favorite time of year. The weeks surrounding and after Halloween i think are just emotionally magical. No matter how awful life has gotten for me, this time of year just makes me feel peaceful and serene. It’s some combo of the crisp air, the near-end of another year, and the weird Halloween atmosphere they just makes me feel really happy. On a related note, my favorite smells of all time are: Bonfires, Fireworks, Cinnamon, Leather, Myrrh, Girly Shampoo, Marijuana.

I like girls with strange and hard to figure out style, odd facial features, incredibly sharp minds, and a bit on the tough side. But really, I want a girl that looks just like she was in Marine Girls, but left to join Asylum Party.


Plastic Flowers- We Just Had More Fun [VIMEO

This is video that a really nice guy in i wanna say Spain made for a song i did called “We Just Had More Fun”. I love the kaleidoscope effect. I have some video ideas cooking up for the new release, but just you wait…

MP3: Plastic Flowers – She Learned The Best Way


Automelodi – Schema Corporel

Sadly, the city i live in for now is lacking in any scene that i could even remotely fit into. But i have been in touch a lot lately with like-minded groups. Automelodi is really refreshing and exciting. They seem to really be tapping into something. It is a revival of an art form that never went away. It’s traditional electro-pop without the tongue or the cheek. That is the beauty of the modern age, we can search out people who are aesthetically and musically on similar wavelengths, and if you are lucky, something can come from that.

Current Obsession:

The cure – Cloudberry (lost wishes) 

I know its sort of lame to post a video that is just a picture of a tape. But this instrumental track is just incredible. The guitar is just haunting and wonderful. I wish so dearly this band was what they once were.

Recommended Gigs:

If you are in Manchester, go see Golden Glow @ Ruby Lounge November 11th. If you are in NYC, go see either Dream Affair or Automelodi whenever you can get a chance.

The Scene

Plastic Flowers

Sean’s music to me is like that  sympathetic look you get from a magical stranger, when all is tumbling down; or when cold wind makes your eyes teary and you could see people in a blurry poetic way . Synth-dreamy, ethereal, and the kind of music a lonely girl needs.  Follow Plastic Flowers  on Myspace

MP3: Plastic Flowers- Like A Tidal Wave (Instrumental Demo) MP3:Plastic flowers- Drive me home [Drive me Home downloaded VIA]

Frank (Just Frank) – Mr Itagaki [VIMEO

MP3: Frank (Just Frank)- Valerie [Downloaded VIA] [Myspace]


Blank Dogs- Tin Birds



The Notes

MP3: The Notes- Awake [Downloaded VIA] [Myspace]

Young Henry

MP3: Young Henry-Tea [Myspace] [VIA]

Golden Glow- Adore Me

MP3: Golden Glow- Adore Me [Downloaded VIA] [Myspace]


The Notes – Lighthouse

Arab Strap

MP3: Arab Strap- Come Round And Love Me [Myspace]


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