Travis Cook & Marcus Whale

Collarbones | Cyst Impaled | Scissor Lock

Adelaide | Sydney, Australia

Travis Cook & Marcus Whale

(2:11am) Marcus: Well we’re called Collarbones. I’m Marcus and I’m from Sydney, and he’s Travis and he’s from Adelaide and we’ve been making music over the internet to each other since 2007 and 20 minutes ago this blog asked us to answer these questions and I suppose it’s fairly appropriate we’re answering them over MSN messenger. we made an album this year which is coming out next year. we released a single a couple of months ago called Beaman Park.

(2:12am) Travis: it’s a bit strange creating an entire album without being in each other’s physical presence. it seems alien that other bands go into studios to record things together. I push buttons to make music and some people think that maybe isn’t as valid as playing guitar and sometimes I almost believe them but really a guitar is just a bunch of strings?

(2:13am) Marcus: have we even ever made music when we’ve been physically together? once. and that time it was just me abusing you and hogging the computer

(2:14am) Travis: one day I’ll snap and bludgeon you with my MacBook Pro and then make music with your corpse.

(2:15am) Marcus: you’d never say that to me in the course of normal conversation. you say that because you think people on this blog will find that funny and lighthearted. I’m watching Heathers. you already knew that though.

(2:15am) Travis: I totally would. it is secretly the truth. are corpses lighthearted now?

(2:15am) Marcus: they’re pretty lighthearted in Heathers. shall we go onto the next question?

(2:22am) Marcus: It’s been seven minutes. don’t you love me?

(2:22am) Travis: I found a shiny bauble that is shinier than you.

(2:23am) Marcus: heartless

(2:23am) Travis: I was an oversensitive child but then i slowly hardened like a Metapod, that Pokemon that just hardens, and maybe that is sad

(2:24am) Travis: what is a specific thing you like in boys? you are a gay. I’m not a gay but I like ambiguity. I like people.

(2:25am) Marcus: in high school I had crushes on boys annually. all gay boys do though. I have a fairly typical life.

(2:27am) Marcus: I like boys in sports gear. that sounds so typically gay. and in school uniforms, though that’s now officially creepy since it’s been what, almost two years since school ended for me

(2:28am) Travis: that’s pretty tame, i’ve heard of worse things. mung jumping. filching. people fucking/falling in love with their cars. My ideal girl is Amy Blue from the Gregg Araki movie The Doom Generation.

[Check below for  Travis & Marcus telling about their solo acts & more music, CL]



MP3: Collarbones – Tashkent
MP3: Collarbones – Beaman Park (Nakagin Remix)


Fire! Santa Rosa Fire! – Test Crowd 

Marcus: This is a live video of one of Travis’s favourite Adelaide bands, Fire! Santa Rosa Fire!, this show was a good one.

Richard in Your Mind – Candelabra (Moon Mantra Mix)  

This is a nice video of a band from Sydney called Richard in Your Mind, we played with them recently and it was very fun, very Mighty Boosh/Ween.

Current Obsession:

Deerhunter- Helicopter

We are currently quite obsessed with the new Deerhunter album, and particularly this track and its video. I think Marcus would prefer if we showed you a Cody Simpson video but I don’t know whether people would appreciate his faux-windswept surf Bieber beach boy vibes.

Upcoming Gigs:

Among others, we are playing a couple of shows in Melbourne in october. on the 21st, we’re playing with the townhouses for their album launch at bar open. on the 22nd, we’re collaborating with blake byron-smith, he’ll be projecting video and we’ll be performing. it’s at section 8 in Tattersall lane. we will “get loose” and it’ll be “off tap” and we’ll use dumb party slang. for shows details enter here.

The Scene

I feel like I’m interfering here today, so I’ll just say that I red-hearted Collarbones’ Beaman Park on Hypem 10 seconds into it, the Australian Boys shoot up smooth electro beats into your ears so sharply and accurately all you’re left to do is surrender, and move/twitch accordingly. Their solo acts: Travis’ Cyst Impaled & Marcus’ Scissor Lock, showcase the more experimental sides of their music-making, which interestingly alters the hinder music perception of Collarbones… So don’t miss a track and follow Collarbones and these young lads via all medias on their Website.

Collarbones- The Ghostship  

Cyst Impaled 

Travis Cook: Cyst Impaled began when I was 13 years old with a song called “Come Over Here Young Child”. For a few years it was an exercise in experimentation and ridiculous song titles. I mashed up other songs in a schizophrenic manner and also mashed a Casio keyboard and yelled about tacos, racism and molestation (at the police station). I played an old acoustic guitar and sang absurd “folk” songs, and also rapped about very unsavoury subject matter. Most of the early Cyst Impaled songs were completely improvised. Collarbones forced me to think a little more seriously about my music, and it took the front seat. I still pump out solo tracks occasionally.

Scissor Lock

Marcus Whale: Scissor Lock is a solo project I’ve had going since I was 14 and picked up a guitar and put it through the computer. Since then I’ve released a few CD-Rs, collaborated with a lot a people and played a few dozen shows around Australia, but mainly in Sydney. When I started off, I was obsessed with Explosions In The Sky and Isis and I wanted to make that sort of music, but didn’t really manage to achieve that, being just one kid with a shitty guitar and a practise amp and audacity on the computer. After years of trying a few different things live, I either sing or create feedback with a tape recorder and put all that through the computer.  I just put out an album on HellosQuare Bandcamp called Broken English . And after that I’m bumming around mainly doing Collarbones.

Scissor Lock

MP3: Scissor Lock- Shrapnel [Myspace]

Otouto – W.Hillier

MP3: Otouto – W. Hillier [Downloaded VIA]

Otouto are our Two Bright Lakes labelmates and they’re currently touring the United States. They make interestingly arranged music with pretty vocals and cool percussion (including a saucepan).

Patrick Kelleher- Finds You

[Self Portrait Triptych By Peter Kelleher] MP3: Patrick kelleher- Finds You [Myspace]

Rene Hell – Slightly Eleven 

[Rene Hell] [VIA]

Xiu Xiu- Sashay Away


The Darkest Love- Your Turn

“The song ‘Sad Redux-O-Grapher’ by Xiu Xiu inspired the lyrics for this one, enjoy this 8-bit goth serenade for the broken heart…” By Chan. of  The Darkest Love.

MP3: The Darkest Love -Your Turn [Thanks C & M]

Jaded Hipster Choir- Allignment/Disallighnment

An exciting playful Live Session By  Thomas Michael of Jaded Hipster Choir. Check & Get the new ‘Pill Weekend’ album on Bandcamp.

MP3: Jaded Hipster Choir- Allignment/Disallignment

Bogdan Raczynski- My Love I Love



Gospels- Lantern

Gospels pre-releasing another single on its way to the ‘Frames Of Reference’ Album out on Nov. 15 via Hand Rolled Gold.

† b a n d c a m p †† m y s p a c e

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