White Tuesday| 7

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.



A Scottish post-punk by Edinburgh’s METROPAK, this great song was released on 7″ in 1979, and the vid is made out of 8 ml vintage footage of the band.

METROPAK- Ok Let’s Go 
MP3: METROPAK- Ok Let’s Go



Brooklyn-based GOSPELS is a one-man act led by Taras Pantchenko, Neo-Goth comes to mind when hearing the hazy shuegazy electronic tracks of GOSPELS  forthcoming “Frames of reference” Album, dropping on Nov. via Hand Rolled Gold. Taras: “I started off pretty drony and acoustic, ended up crossing shoegaze, southern hip hop, and the dark, lonely feeling lo-fi evokes to make something that sounds modern, yet lasting”. Check the links below for the discography and more vids. (the tracks below are a pre-release versions).

Taras Pantchenko

GOSPELS – Apparition  
Gospels- Apparition
Gospels- Betting on the muse ft. Loom
Gospels- Fractures
† m y s p a c e † | † b a n d c a m p

Béla Tarr

Bela Tarr is a one-woman Tel Aviv-based act, fully orchestrated by Zoe Polanski, her music, in a nutshell, is the embodiment of “Star-Gazing”. The tracks below are of her “Pulsar” debut album recently released via Uganda. Get it here!

Zoe Polanski

MP3: Bela Tarr- Moon beams
MP3: Bela Tarr- Sway with me


Male Bonding – Pirate Key [VIMEO http://vimeo.com/15606043%5D

Another track of Male Bonding‘s Nothing Hurts Album which you can get here here.

By Sub Pop Records


A playfully sad tune by the Massachusetts awesome Kid-z.

Kid Romance- Kidz

Kirsten & Marie – My Dear 

A Sweet new single from the Danish girls out on TAMBOURHINOCEROS.



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