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Star Slinger


Darren Williams

Star Slinger to me, began as a way of doing things without thinking too much! Without really putting too much or too little time into something, but just doing it. it’s about making the most out of time in general. A lot of us spend our weeks immersed in our work, and some of the time – we don’t even enjoy it. I had this for many years, and I’d live the weekend culture. I worked in offices. I’d only have fun on the weekend and I guess Star Slinger is throwing that out the window. I want to have fun whenever, regardless of time. That’s my whole approach to my life and my music.

The reason I sample records is down to my love for “making the most of our time”. I love finding a 6 second part in a record and making it into something more epic, or something more fun! I want the listener to hear my music and feel that they can do anything, whenever they want. I want people to feel hopeful like I did when I began making this music. I’m the eternal optimist and I hope that shines through when people hear my tracks. (Look down for The Scene for tracks and more, CL)

I am more shallow than I let on, for the most part.

I like fiery women because I love to debate, and see the passion come out in the heat of an argument. For me it’s quite the turn on to see someone get passionate about something.


Star Slinger – May I Walk With You?
MP3: Star Slinger – May I Walk With You

Here’s a video ZAGUAR made me, of chopping up footage from The Harder They
Come. I think it captures the vibe/gives the song a whole diff vibe.


Young Montana? – Sacré Cool

I am in love with this track from UK artist Young Young Montana? I couldn’t think of a decent video from a Manchester artist, so I chose this guy instead.  I think the footage synced up with it is too fun not to enjoy! and I plan to play a few shows with Young Montana? soon! He said we should play some shows, and I’m SO down. He’s on Alpha Pup Records owned by Daddy Kev who runs the legendary Low End Theory club in LA.

Current Obsession:

The S.O.S Band – Tell Me If You Still Care

It’s quite simply something I’ve had on vinyl for a while, and have sampled it before – possibly the outcome will be on a record some time. I just think the song/video feels like you’re stuck in time. Its pretty bad 80’s but its gorgeous at the same time! Haha.

Upcoming Gig:

I will be playing this event on the 15th October at Big Hands, Manchester. So if you’re in town, for whatever reason – come stop by. I’ll be spinning some old soul tunes that inspire me alongside performing some tracks  LIVE. It’s a late one going on til 4am.


The Scene

Three  months ago, when I’ve just started this blog, I came across Darren’s Minted track, and I thought, the dude is talented and slick but it’s too funky cool for my jumpy ears, nevertheless decided to bookmark and keep the hawk eyes on him, not much later he delivered “May I Walk With You?” which left me speechless and taunted, think that this tune perfectly expressed his music wittiness and articulateness… These days i find it rather hard to keep up with his pace, the Golden Star is highly sought after, concocting remixes and collaborations for/with the best artists around.  Check/Follow/Download Star Slinger here!

Star Slinger

Star Slinger

MP3: Teams Vs. Star Slinger- Close To Me
MP3:  Alpine – Icypoles (Star Slinger Remix)

Gold Panda – You

MP3: Gold Panda- You [Downloaded VIA]

Lil B- Im God

MP3: Lil B- Im God [Downloaded VIA]
[Lil B ♥]

J Dilla- On Stilts

J Dilla- On Stilts 
[J Dilla]

Seeing Suge (Star Sliger collabo with Emay/ Blackbird Blackbird) – Breaking

[EMAY | Blackbird Blackbird]

Madvillain- Money Folder (Four Tet remix)

Madvillain- Money Folder (Four Tet remix)

Gold Panda- Quitter’s Raga

MP3: Gold Panda – Quitter’s Raga [Downloaded VIA]

The Bug – Catch a Fire 

MP3: The Bug- Catch a Fire (Preview edit) [Downloaded VIA]

Lil B from The Pack- Cocaine feat. Pimp C, C-Murder, B.G

J Dilla – Fuck the Police

Bonus New Track

Passion Party- Secret Sexxx

Chris Keys hits again, with a track from his new act called Passion Party, check it out!

Passion Party- Secret Sexxx


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