Sutja Gutierrez

Castellón de la Plana, Spain

The Fruhstucks

Sutja Gutierrez

Think it’s difficult  to explain, but my history begins with my own mind trip. I’m Sutja and this is all started when I was young, not too long ago… Making music after school and during  breakfast time, listening to my own tunes and making some, that’s the way of The Fruhstucks, not too complicated, just music and life. If you fall in love with my music, you fall in love with my life, my mind, my shoes, my drugs & my flowers… One day Miguel “Boxer in love” fell in love with my “own love”, and at that moment we started our love travel . Our music is like a relationship, an  imaginary perfect one.. We have the “Parade, I don’t care” EP (Free download! CL), which is like your first date with a girl/boy. Now we’re gonna release The-first-moment-of-sex & love-with-your-partner, in a little vinyl called “Sorry, We Are The Fruhstucks” on Race Car Productions. We’re not musicians, we only play instruments like the spoon, the coffee, drum machines, McDonald’s, flowers, melodies, guitars, long hair, microphones etc….We don’t care about comparisons, and the form of making music, we just feel and express what’s inside.  We’re all about concerts, parties, and feeling like a child on his Birthday. That’s it.

Personal? hmm… Pizza, beer, beach, skate, surf, flowers and fly without planes.

I Like people who don’t care about what others think and are unaffected by negative views; Pale skinned ladies; Sincerity; Charismatic Individualists & Cool folks with fine taste.


The Fruhstucks – Small Nice Ruin

This is a new song , only in video format at the moment. from the album RCP out on vinyl this winter.


Throbbing Gristle – Discipline

Throbbing Gristle is one of my favorite bands. Makes me feel the city inside me.

Current Obsession:

R. Stevie Moore – It’s My Life 

Rest in Peace Mr Moore.

Upcoming Gigs:

Paris Oct. 9TH at Le Truskel: [VIMEO

Oct. 14th Tenerife (Keroxen Festival)
Oct. 20th Madrid (Nasti Club)
Oct. 30th Barcelona (Inusual project Espacio cultural)

The Scene

Up until Sutja’s “flower talk”, the only rose I could think of was the bleak Blake’s amazing Sick Rose, But after hearing the music and feeling the zeal and passion oozing outta the DIY vids, one can’t help but get caught in it and consider some wilder flowers. The music is an elecro-stroked cheeky cool lo-fi, containing embedded traces of  Great Spain’s glorious legacy. Unfortunately no mp3’s for the new vids , will be holding out for the  upcoming & promising “Sorry, We Are The Fruhstucks” vinyl out on Race Car Productions. Hook up to The Fruhstucks via all medias possible and enjoy their awesome web-log here!

The Fruhstucks

The Fruhstucks – She Doesn’t Know

Kites Sail High-  Action Figures

Kite Sail High’s amazing vid by the multi-talented Rachel Levy of Kiss Kiss Fantastic.

The Fruhstucks – Hats and Cats

TV Gamma- Nada Importante 

MP3: TV Gamma – Nada importante

Holy Other- Yr Love

MP3: Holy Other – Yr Love

Algodón Egipcio

MP3: Algodón Egipcio- El Ingenio Humano

The Fruhstucks- Songs & Previews -Reason For

Bonus Vid

Solaris- Andrei Tarkovsky – Ascension

Ascension, rising up, resurrection, tortured Jesusy men having visions of illusive female Goddesses. All male characters lead to Jesus Christ and all female one’s lead to either God or the devil, and no, I can’t think of any exception. This is a hypnotizing scene from Solaris (1972)  by Tarkovsky, it features all forms of art possible, with Bach sealing  up the deal!

MP3: J.S. Bach- BWV 639 Ich ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ by Linus Akesson


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