White Tuesday| 6

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


The Brian Jonestown Massacre

MP3: The Brian Jonestown Massacre- (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six

Prolific as evil, got lost in the past for days in The Brian Jonestown Massacre music, but these were my choices to post, the song is from their “Take it From the Man!” album released in 1996, and the brilliant vid is for a track of My Bloody Underground, released in 2008. Trip ahead.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Who’s Fucking Pissed In My Well?


TAKE -Implosions

LA- based TAKE, offers a sorta experimental Hip-Hop. This is of his “Only Mountain” LP, available on Alpha Pup Records.


This new Cusses was injected to my inbox yesterday, thought it was good, builds up nicely, not chillwave nor glo-fuss, so decided to post.

MP3: Cusses- Custody Master


Pissed Jeans – False Jesii Part 2
MP3: Pissed Jeans-False Jesii Part 2 [Downloaded VIA]

Cool, so cool. Directed by Shawn Brackbill. The new Pissed Jeans 7″, will be out Oct 26th, pre-order at Sub Pop Records.


Shimmering Stars – Sun’s Going Down

Vid by Delicious Scopitone from the Antonioni film. This track and vid by Shimmering Stars, are so relevant to me right now, my life and nightmares feels and looks this way, though  wish I looked more like Monica Vitti, would’ve been all  easier, I guess. This is of their  “I”m Gonna Try” 7″, out soon on Almost Musique.

MP3: Shimmering Stars-Sun’s Going Down



Authenticity as the ultimate value, at any cost really, we’re all living on borrowed time, literally and metaphorically. This was released in 2007 of the Tokyo-based veteran duo.

MP3: Tenniscoats- Baibaba Bimba
Brendan Powell Smith

He calls himself The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith, and this is of his ” Ideas For Songs” Album released in 1998, sounds like and probably is a bedroom recording, whatever, it’s a perfect short tune, end  provoking.


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