White Sunday| 6

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

The Modern Lovers was a Boston proto-punk band formed by the Velvet Underground fanatic Jonathan Richman in 1970, lots of changes were made in the band’s lineup over the following 6 years. “I’m Straight” was originally recorded in 1973,  but it didn’t appear in the 1976 album, it did surface  in the  reissued Beserkley Records CD in 1986. Easy to relate to this song, I mean who didn’t/doesn’t have an annoying Hippie Johnny in his life…

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers- I’m Straight
MP3: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers- I’m Straight


Tough Troubles

A Uk based band, the following song is one of a 14 on their illnesses themed concept album surprisingly called “Illnesses”, which was recently released on tape on Geneva Lake Records.

MP3: Tough Troubles- Radiation Sickness [Myspace]
Now, Now Every Children

Minneapolis talented kiddos are back, though no longer children and certainly more refined. This piece is from their “Neighbors” EP, which you could get soon through No Sleep Records .

MP3: Now, Now Every Children -Jesus-Camp [Website]


Les Marquises – Sound And Fury

Lyon/Austin Based Les Marquises offer you a musical experience like no other in Sound and Fury, which came out yesterday as a single including remixes on Beko DSL. Also look out for the bands first album “Lost Lost Lost” out on Nov 2nd.

Via  Beko DSL


The New & Very Welcome

Nothing beats poignant simple words , to depict human feelings, which are often misconceived to be complex, while it’s as raw and pure as the following song, taken from The New & Very Welcome 2007 EP  “All Of My Friends Are Too Indie Rock For Me”. Check their bandcamp below for the complete discography and downloads.

MP3:The New & Very Welcome – Starving Artists [Bandcamp]

Las Robertas 

This is old (last year’s) material from Costa Rica’s girls.

lo-fi+ fuzzy noise=  painkillers.



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